Nitecore HC65 1000 Lumen Headlamp

Nitecore HC65 1000 Lumen Headlamp

Red flag when they don’t give you a run down of run times for a LED light. But did some digging. Max is 32 hours on the 1 lumen setting. 1 HOUR on the max. Now, with many years of camping with my boys scout troop (both are eagles), and now that the prepper side of me has reared it’s ugly head, I look for quality. Which this light seems to be ok but nothing extraordinary. But having a generic brand headlamp with this kind of connection setup , it’s a PITA and you will find over time, the band will slip out of the openings in the headlamp when storying.

But the 1st thing I look at is the CLAIMED run times. I have stuck with Black Diamond, Petzl, and even some older model Energizers. For the price point, I’ve yet to find other lights that price out the above mentioned brands and last the same or longer. People get too squirreled over max LUMEN. I have a 1000 lumen flashlight, runs for a few hours. Big woo. It’s there when needed. But for headlamps, I use 300 lumen Petzl’s ACTIK model. 60 hrs on MAX, over 250+ hours on low on it’s 3 AAA batteries. Just an example. But even at a nominal setting, I’m not impressed with this lights endurance on a set of batteries.

Actik has one of the shortest life on high of any tested with 1.9hrs max

There are all sorts of nonsense lumen and runtimes that manufacturers use to mislead.

Yes I realize this is old - just closing a tabs from a browser I hadn’t used in a while.