Never Mind then!


OK… where is dreamaster… or is someone going to be nice to Ryan and explain?


Ryan, who do you think it will be? I am curious.


Frist my man.


Before this gets hijacked, I’d like to see George Allen.


I am amazed at the amount of time you can waste on woot. I havent done anything for the past 2 hrs, but somehow im incredibly intertained.


Ill have to google the kid never heard of him…


So how does this forum work, and why would this thread be hijacked?


Past Gov of Virginia, currently a Senator from there… Conservative. I like Frist, but not dynamic enough, though a very nice man. Had my picture made with him when last up there. I’m from TN, but live in NC, now.


Oooooh, if it wasn’t a slow night, dreamaster would’ve just thrown naplam in your thread and set it on “fire.” heehee… we don’t talk politics… it is an extremely diverse group of people and we have maintained good friendships by not talking that stuff (even though that is what I love and live the most).


really… what city



Oh yeah, hijacking is when off-topic conversation starts to occur and the original poster is set afire.

Good luck, our new friend.

Hope those underwear are flame retardant.


Middle TN.


Ahh same.


Hope i dont get put on probation…


And what is considered " On Topic "?


So if i avoid politics im strizzate?


LOL… you can’t get on probabtion for posting anything decent, at least not yet!

You created a thread with a particular question, to be “on topic” would be to answer that question… considering it was political in nature, you are fortunate you had a couple of true responses, but I will kick KT’s butt if she votes for Hellary.

But we could sell tickets to that, so the entrepreneur in me might change her mind.


Yep, and carry a good sense of humor.


Haha i see. I noticed that beside the topics theres a page with a star among other things… what is this?