NOCO Boost Jump Starters

NOCO Boost Jump Starters

Bought one of these, charged, left it in my truck for a year. Friend asked if I could help jump his car and I handed him my noco with half a charge. Started a 6 cyl truck from completely dead.


Question… I understand that I should not use the 400amp on my 8cyl Hemi magnum truck… but can I use the 1000A on my 4cyl turbo/quattro car or 750cc motorcycle?

yes the bike and quattro will only draw the amps they need

You could probably start your V8 just fine with the 400 amp booster if its fully charged. LIkewise, the 1000 amp unit will also be fine on your motorcycle and 4 cylinder.

The booster pack amperage rating by engine size are all estimates based on various factors. 400 - 500 CCA should start just about any consumer grade vehicle that is in good running condition (other than the dead battery of course). The big advantage of larger boosters can provide more amperage for longer before needing to be recharged.

My thoughts: I think it’s important to note the storage temperatures for a lithium-ion battery, which are outlined in the included paperwork. If you leave this in your car, which sort of makes sense, this is for an emergency, then you’ll probably forget about it’s in the trunk in the summer. The trunk is over the gas tank and if this is a cheap battery from China, then that’s a great way to have a problem. ~3 lbs to personally carry, that’s alot of weight.
Just because it’s in a rubber cover doesn’t mean it can’t still cause issues.


I have one of these in my Goodwill donation box. Is it worth keeping? It came in crap a long while back.

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Not at all. And they are really unsafe, so you shouldn’t give it to goodwill, someone could get hurt. If you send it to me, I will see that it is discarded safely.


I noticed it’s only good to -4f also. Kind of a deal breaker for here in Northern Illinois. That’s when I would need it the most.

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Project farm tested the NOCO GB40 with poor results.

You know more than the FAA?
They don’t allow Lithium-ion batteries onboard an aircraft, they have to be checked and placed in special compartments that can withstand explosions.
I’m not worried about a measly spark, I’m talking about a full blown blow torch effect that you can find with a simple Google search:
“The risk of fire or explosion increases if the battery is exposed to hot conditions”

Vote your conscience.
Listen to the scientists and professionals that study the issues.

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More important than the deal, I developed the same problematic crush a few years earlier over Patsy in Absolute Beginners.

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{immediately adds “Absolute Beginners” to streaming queue} THANKS!

Mmmmm, and David Bowie :heart_eyes:

Thanks! I watched the video and it kept me from ordering

Ordered these, received yesterday and attempted to charge them - it is not charging at all even though the charge light comes on and blinks- it doesn’t charge at all. As soon as I unplug and turn it on, it shuts right off. I think I got a defective one. Tried charging it for 2 hrs from my car USB on a drive from Sacramento to Reno, still nothing. Had it on a fast charger for 2 hours ar home last night, and no charge held at all.

Hi there. Double check the directions to make sure you’re charging it correctly. If it still seems to not hold a charge, reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

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I ordered one and got it yesterday. It also wouldn’t charge. The included charging cable is defective. I was able to charge it using a $1 USB cable from Dollar Tree.

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I tried using the included charger as well as my Samsung cable, neither worked. Reached out to Cust Serv, and they sent me an RMA and sent a replacement already. Thank you.

No US B to US A?

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