NOMATIC Slim Minimalist Wallet

NOMATIC Slim Minimalist Wallet

This was my minimalist wallet for years. Easily held 3 credit cards, driver’s license, medical insurance card, work ID, a couple of folded up dollar bills. Didn’t store a key in it. Nice stretchy design. Fit easily in front pocket of my jeans. I did move on to a different minimalist wallet, but if I ever had to go back, it would be to this one. Red one is available on Amazon and on sale for this price now and then.

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I echo this experience. This is a great option for the price. As with all of the elastic-style wallets, this one will stretch over time if you overload it.

This wallet saved my butt. No, seriously!
I had an accident on my motorcycle several months back and was carrying this wallet in my back pocket. I slid ~ 140ft on my back, asphalt tore through my jeans but the wallet kept it from chewing through the skin on my behind. Pretty good road rash elsewhere on my body though.

Also surprising the wallet came through the ordeal fairly well and is still usable with just a few loose threads hanging. The motorcycle unfortunately was a total loss…

Jumping on this deal to replace it simply for aesthetics…

LOVE this wallet - my current daily carry. I have crammed way more into this than you may think it can hold - at least 3-4 cards both sides, a Tile slim tracker, and cash.

In for a new one as my old one has taken a beating (still going strong, though!).

Also my daily carry. Moved to this one from the excellent (but since acquired and out of business Amogpac wallet series. I really like the pull-tap (my credit cards are on that side), and the 'secret pocket", as well as the ability to slip bills in the band when i don’t want to carry my money clip, too.

Highly recommended. Might pick another one up to have a spare.

I’ve been using this for a couple of years myself, love them. Just bought a new one when BB had a BYGO sale. If you overstuff them for too long, then try and winnow down what you’re carrying, the elastic may not snap back all the way. I pulled out my card in the drive-through and the stuff on the other ‘side’ fell out in my lap. Just told me it was time to move to the replacement. Well worth it!