Nostalgia Circus-Cart Popcorn Maker



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Nostalgia Circus-Cart Popcorn Maker
$115.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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Previously Sold On 11/27/2012 for $149.99


It looks neat… but I wouldn’t want to have to clean it.


Well its done. the shirts up.


got mine!!!


My friend has one of these, I had no idea they were so pricy.

Owners of the product, is it worth it to you? How do you clean and store this thing?


I might be alittle behind what going on… But what is this shirt that people are talking about?


I don’t like the design.



If you get the cleaning solution most companies sell then all you do is mix it, put it in the hot kettle, let it sit for a bit and dump it. I have an 8oz popper that looks just like this and I don’t find cleaning it any problem at all.


I have this exact model and paid more (years ago) but it works very well. A bit of a pain to clean (word of advice, clean it soon after using it and every time and it’s much easier) but some tasty popcorn.



Woot killa!!!


was anyone else expecting a more wearable design?

I can’t see myself wearing this out and about.


My Dad has this exact one and it works great. The popcorn tastes great.


Were you planning to wear the popper or the popcorn?


If you want some decent popcorn to use with it I just got a case of the following.

Little salty but not bad.


It’s dishwasher safe.


I don’t know about else where, but the BigLots in Las Vegas have these things for 99.99$.


Thanks, Woot.