NutriChef Immersion Circulator Cooker-You Pick

Can’t speak to this brand directly, but if you have never tried sous vide, the results are amazing. I have a different brand that cost more. I’d be on this one otherwise.

Overall this works well. Mine will spontaneously stop once in a while requiring an unplug/replug/reset routine which precludes it from being a set it and forget it, unattended type of device. Since sous vide cook times tend to be measured in hours that can be a bit inconvenient. I have no idea if it’s just mine or if this problem is common with this model

The temp control seems accurate. Once you’ve had a filet mignon done sous vide you won’t ever cook them another way.

Purchase on in July 2017, tried it for the for the first time on Christmas 2017 it worked for 40 min and then stopped heating. I had to run to target to buy a different brand to finish the prime rib roast.

Very disapointed

Purchased mine from Woot in May, 2017 and have used it many times. I completely agree that this is the way to cook a lot of different things (mostly meat for us, we like our veggies done a little differently). A quick sear for about a minute on both sides to give your meat grill marks really finishes it off.

Have had no problems with ours other than the controls are a bit wonky to use - requiring me to refer to the user’s manual occasionally but that’s not a fault in the cooker. Never had ours stop mid-cooking, fail to heat, or have any difficulty holding a temperature. Plus it is within one degree accuracy according to my digital meat thermometer. This version is 1200 watts, which is half again more powerful that a typical 800 watt unit.

Overall, I love it.

Failed out of box. Circulator would not run causing water in container to be at temp only next to unit but 20 degrees lower on other side.

Do not recommend this brand.

I used my NutriChef Immersion cooker for the first time. It was easy to use. It heated the water in the pot very quickly and held the temperature perfectly while the steaks i had put in the cooker cooked. They came out perfect for the temperature set. So far, very pleased with the product.

I’m very sorry. Have you contacted Nutrichef or woot customer service?