Nutty Naturals Sesame Sticks- 6 Pack

Nutty Naturals Sesame Sticks- 6 Pack

Needs a variety package deal to try for first time. Seriously, buy 6 per flavor without knowing what you want?

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Absolutely agree. I was excited to buy a variety pack to try these. Click on the dropdown, no variety pack. No money from me, woot.

I was thinking the same thing. On the other hand, I hate when they only offer variety packs and some of the varieties are things that I won’t like (in this case, the habanero if it’s really spicy or the blueberry). Think of it like buying at Costco – if you like it, you’ve saved money; if you don’t like it, you’ve wasted more than you would have had you bought a smaller size (like those flavorless lentil flour cheddar bites I bought once).

I’m going to try the honey roasted sesame chips, though. I generally like honey roasted items, and I love sesame sticks. I do wish they offered a mix with peanuts, but I can buy peanuts and mix them in if I want.

The apple cinnamon also sound good, but I’m not going to risk buying six bags.

Mmmmm… Love me some healthy naturals!