Admittedly, I’m not familiar with this brand at all. Who can tell me about these items? :slight_smile:

$37.99 for a 720p/1080i switch with only component hookups. Good reviews but IMO in this day and age I can’t see the point of not having at least an HDMI out.

And beyond that, the only real value in this is remote switching, which I feel like is of rather limited need for most people.

Otherwise, there are cheaper options. Heck, you can just grab a toslink switch for $5, and go hook the component cables into a normal $5 A/V switcher that’s meant for composite + RCA audio, and it’ll work fine.

anything about the earphones?

Customer reviews at Amazon

I actually have a pair of these headphones. I don’t consider myself an audio expert by any means but the difference between these and the headphones I received with my iPod is crazy, and instantly noticeable.

Plus they come with like 8 different pairs of rubber tips, so they’re pretty much guaranteed to fit no matter how big or small your ears are.

Here’s a YouTube video showcasing the language translator. http://youtu.be/DhhaPDD0N_M

Returned a Nyrius optical audio switch less than a week ago because the thing was DOA. Customer service was nonexistent. I’m feeling pretty wary of their products right now.