# of Messages Listed When One Posts

Can someone either direct me to the thread, and or start this new one to explain WHY, when posting comments on Woot, under one’s Woot name it keeps saying that “Quality Posts” are 1 ?

Woot used to keep track of just how many “Quality Posts” a person made, but lately the number seems to default back to 1, no matter how many posts a person posted. I notice that THAT is happening with everyone.

Did Woot change this recently for some reason ?

Can someone fill me in about this ?


if you hover the pointer over your name, it will display how many total posts you’ve made. When they switched over to Woot 3.0 in January, they apparently dropped everyone’s “quality Posts” to zero, and started fresh. They kept your total posts, though, which for you is 134 right now.

Not that it matters much, but I think they didn’t actually start counting Quality Posts until the release of 3.0, rather then dropping everyone to zero.

OK. makes sense.

Actually, I think they counted all the old Quality Posts. When they switched the layout, I already had 9 (I think) “quality posts”.


They don’t say if “quality posts” are HIGH quality or LOW quality, do they?

I take you as a glass half empty type… (sarcasm is hard to put through in posts…just to clarify, this is a joke)

If it were “low quality posts” I’d have… whatever my post count is number of quality posts.