OGIO Backpacks

I think I say this about every time OGIO bags are on offer.

I’ve had four OGIO bags of different sizes and shapes (two backpacks, an enormous messenger bag and a purse) over the last decade or so and love them all. They’re incredibly well-designed and very durable.

I bought the Rebel 15 on here a few months ago to use as my day bag once my decade old backpack died on me. This thing is far too large for casual use. I recommend it for the student with too many books, and lunch-bag, and water, and laptop, etc.

I just got back from a short trip, on which I brought my amazing Service Dog. I totally thought I’d packed doggy’s food in my Ogio bag, which was carried on the plane, and freaked when I got to my mom’s, and couldn’t find her lovingly packed kibble, and powder supplement.

Yeah, my goofy self found it shortly after unpacking at home. The dog food had slipped down deep in a pocket. This bag is so awesome that it needed to be fed organic kibble, and had room for even more stuff to be stored for my trip. You should buy.

A friend just got the Newt 13 Blockade backpack from the last woot offer (week or so ago).

I was looking at it this morning. It’s really nicely made, thick, well thought out, pockets all in the right places. The laptop area was just right for my small Zenbook. I liked the addition of the little airplane pocket in the back area (passport, tickets, etc) so you don’t have to go digging through your pack to find that stuff.
I think I’m going to order one after seeing this one in person :slight_smile: