Oh Amazon log in, if only you worked (correctly for me).

I’ve given up on the fact that my Amazon account will never stay permanently linked to this account of mine.

Even though after 8 years or so I finally got it connected, it now links to an alternative account of mine for some reason.

What I don’t understand, however, is why I can take a NEW Amazon account, and connect it to THIS account of mine, but when I log in later in the day to Woot using the same Amazon account, it will log me into my SECOND account, even though it was connected to THIS one.

The confusing thing is that my second account does not use my email address, and this ‘glitch’ where the Amazon login goes to my second account happens even on browsers where I NEVER logged into my second account.

I mean, I have no problems making purchases on items without free shipping included in the price, on my second account, I just wish everything was as cohesive as it should be.

The good news, I suppose, is that the free trial of Prime which Amazon gave me recently, and which they extended again, ends at the end of August, so at that point, it doesn’t really matter if Amazon login works for me or not.

I think Jeremy and Jeff are just screwing with you for the heck of it.

The sad part is that I haven’t ruled that out.

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

By ‘it’, do you mean Jeremy, Jeff, or something else?

Did you… did you really think about that? I mean it’s you who’s gotta turn 'em back on sooo…

Basically can you delete that secondary account or is it still important?

That was tried. Unfortunately, logging into Woot through Amazon would just re-enable the other account.

They’re both site scripts anyways.

I think I know the real reason why it’s not working:


Except penguins and cats can get along.


Yup. You belong to Amazon now.

Their loss.


Is that greater or lesser of a loss versus shipping sub-$3 brake rotors and 8’ long trailer axles in two days?

In the long term, they’d probably lose more money keeping me as a member than shipping the axles and brake rotors.

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I was just fighting a somewhat similar issue. Every time I went to the Forums area, it was stuck in one place, the screen hazy and the cursor spinning as if it were working. But it wouldn’t finish,no matter how long I waited.

I finally did the full device (iPad) locked shutdown. Waited several minutes. When I brought the device back on Forums was no longer stuck.

Might be worth a try, if you haven’t already done so.

Did you try disconnecting it from Amazon’s side?


Yes, but then it INSISTS on going back to the second account. :frowning:

We may have to ask the LWA/PWA team for help with that. Send me specifics via private message. Sorry. :frowning:

With relish. (not really, I don’t eat it. How about onion dip instead?)

How much information would you like? I could give a whole saga, but Woot might be celebrating their 16th birthday before I finish.

Just the details that will help us understand and work with other teams to resolve.