Omega Pro Power Banks - Your Choice

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Omega Pro Power Banks - Your Choice
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I have one and I really did love it’s functionally as both a power supply and a jump starter but after about 6 months it failed to work as a charger. Something in where the USB plugs in is not making a connection, it works when you bend the cord toward the topof the unit but that’s it. This makes for a very uncomfortable charging situation. I’d still buy another but considering Ebay sells them for the same price I’ll wait.

I have one that would not start a car I use it to charge my cell phone

I have the red one. Works fine as both a charger and jumps my Hummer H3 with no problem.

I also own one that has not successfully jump started any vehicle.

It does great with charging electronic devices.

6000Mah and only 350Amps. That is why this is not so great as a jump starter. You really want over 10000 Mah and 500+ amps. I want to get one of these, but this price is not so great for what this is. Groupon has a better unit at the same price, but still not what I want.

Gar—Baaagge. Said, in the most pretentious french accent you can muster.

Picked one up for my wife at a reputable warehouse retailer with an amazing return policy when it was on sale around Christmas this last year.

Have a 2 year old she let play in the front sit and he of course left some lights on, drained the battery, next day wouldn’t start for her while I was at work.

Perfect opportunity to show it’s chops. Followed instructions to check that it was primed to jump a car, hooked it up correctly. Simply not enough juice to crank even the tiny four cylinder in her car. Took it back for an immediate refund.

Someone said it’s great to charge phones and stuff but man, you can spend 80% less and do that just fine.

This isn’t worth the sale price.

This does not seem to be powerful enough to jump start vehicles, so in my mind its just an expensive phone charger. There are good products out there for jump starts. You just might have to pay a bit more.