Onn Projector 720p Portable with Roku

Onn Projector 720p Portable with Roku

What the heck is ‘720p lumens’ in the title?? :smiley:

Post the basic throw info. I know it isn’t found anywhere so get it the old fashioned way: set one up and measure. Set it up so it has as square of an image as possible, measure the distance to the wall and the diagonal of the 16:9 image. Measure the diagonal at full zoom in and full zoom out if it has a zoom. Post the projector to wall distance and the associated diagonal distance(s). Also post if it projects to the image center or to the image bottom and whether it has mounting points and image flip option for ceiling mounting. One last request would be to scan and post the manual. The fact that none of this info is online shows me how little Onn (probably Walmart marketed and Curtis manufactured) cares about this product.

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Onn is a Walmart brand, yeah. Not gonna lie, their cables are ok, but I don’t know if I’d risk buying this…

It’s a blatant attempt to deceive customers. 720 lumens would be fine for a dim room in a home (if we had any idea what the throw ratio was). The reality (according to its page at Walmart) is so much worse:

  • White light output: ANSI IDMS v1.03: 146 lm
  • White brightness output: ANSI IEC/ISO: 84 lm

These are the crappy kinds of projectors that people will buy to “try and see if they want a better projector,” and end up being so completely turned off that they would never try to look at a reputable model. Which in turn leads to lower sales of good home theater projectors, which drives the prices up and the development budgets down.

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The second I saw this projector I thought it was an Anker Nebula Prizm. I bought it here on Woot! a couple years ago and had nothing but problems with the video completely shorting out becoming distorted. Got a free exchange and the 2nd unit had the same problems.
If they try to butter you up by including a Roku player there’s something wrong with the projector itself

84-146 lm? I think my cell phone screen puts out that much light…sad, sad day that Woot would sell this and I feel sorry for anyone that buys it.

Hi there. That title/info was imported from Amazon. It’s wrong there as well. I’m asking our team to remove “lumens” from the title.

Looks like walmart has some specs for you.