Onyx Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket

Onyx Automatic Inflatable Life Jacket

Zero comment on the vest but a well deserved nod to the Onyx slam reference. Kudos to the writer

Another wonderful Woot sale. Apparently Yellow increases it’s value over blue and pink.

Camel^3 is off in pricing, currently $109 for the different colors.
Not too bad of a deal if you want try/test this style, and can be rearmed/repacked for reuse. thats a plus. There are some that are one time use.

The 100+ price was third party aren’t they? I’m not at a PC right now but if my memory serves me correct, these items were pulled from the Amazon store and that was the pricing history prior to it. I had to dig to find them.

CCC isn’t wrong, Amazon just deletes items or moves them around to manipulate pricing. Became a huge trend when their “deal” section of overpriced products became a thing. Also the same time they put woot in their links and started advertising for them on mothership.

Sat below 90 for years, Jack it up to 100, then discount it above it’s old price, bam a “sale”.

This why they can Jack up pricing a few weeks-months prior to “discounting” them. I track a lot of items and see a lot of shady marketing tactics.

Woot tells us they have their own buyers, yet everytime things show up here, trends are obvious as hell.