Oster 9"x20" Folding Griddle

Oster 9"x20" Folding Griddle
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $18 Two-Day or *$21 One-Day
Condition: New

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Oster 9"x20" Folding Griddle
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $18 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day
Condition: New


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I bought one of these a few months ago, works well.

check out the users manual

excellent reviews on amazon where it’s twice as much.

Dishwasher safe, submersible AND foldable???!!! Phenomenal improvements over the others . . .

Check out these comments from when this was offered in October

I would have to assume there is such a tight fit at the fold point on the griddle that nothing can get through, but does anyone know if eggs or any liquids could possibly get through that middle fold point?

That would be the only issue I could see…

That just seems like a
( •
recipe for disaster.

Sells for twice as much. Let’s not mix price and value. :slight_smile:

I cannot see a way around the problems of the center fold point. Though I would consider the product for camping if it used those little Coleman propane tanks instead of electricity.

Here is a 360 degree video, it looks sweet.

This is a larger, more expensive griddle. Similar but not the griddle being sold here.

Look closer. Of 36 4 & 5 star reviews only 2 are for this griddle. The rest are for a different one with removable plates. Both of the 1 star reviews are for this one.

Thanks for catching that important point.

Like others above, I can’t see how this could possibly retain hot oil - and I can’t think of anything I’d want to put on a griddle that doesn’t need (or leak) oil.

Almost jumped in, then read about the crack. Don’t want pancake dough running down my crack!

That is the case. Just about every folding griddle has the same construction. This is an insane deal, this exact unit is listed on Amazon @ $39.99

Things do not leak through the crack

stop shilling