OtterBox Galaxy S22+ Defender Series Case

OtterBox Galaxy S22+ Defender Series Case

I will watch it fall and laugh because that case will protect it ’

They’re the only cases I’ll use. Love them.

Omg $5?!!! Argh. I spent wayyyyyyyy more than that for mine from otterbox. Dang you new releases!

That is an amazing price I wish it fit my phone heck at that price I may just get one and then buy the phone that fits it :rofl:

So glad I purchased this when I pulled the trigger on the S22+, fits perfectly and securely protects. And what a bargain, a fraction of the price. Stunned they have not sold out

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Why is there a limit of 2 of these still in place when I bought 2 over a month ago? Is it a lifetime limit?

For the life of that sale. But we raised the limit just for you.

Did we ever have a deal on defender series for s22 ULTRA?

I got a Symmetry in a deal and it is awesome. Being greedy and wishing a Defender for my s22U as well. :')