Ouchiest thing to stub?

Ouchiest thing to stub?

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The toe is the only thing here to stub.
You jam your finger, hit your funny bone, and stub your toe.
Hopefully not all in the same day.


Very true.

My forehead on the arched entryway. A previous owner of my house arched the kitchen entryways and if you’re over 6 feet tall you have to walk through the middle or you get a nice bruise on your forehead.

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Ouch from hangnail


It all hurts thinking about it :grimacing:

Your nipples :zipper_mouth_face:

Your little toe, a big toe is painfull but little toes rachet up a whole quantum level higher.

Alas, I commiserate with you. For, I also suffer from tall people problems… :pensive:

I’ve broken my big toe doing this… It happened about 9 months ago, and the corresponding nail ** still ** has evidence of the trauma.

Pinky toe for sure

I’ve dropped a cast iron dutch oven on my big toe before… miraculously didn’t break, but OH THE MISERY. Had my foot up for weeks and it eventually lost the nail and the whole nine yards. My toenail STILL is crooked…

Pinky toe for sure! I stubbed mine on the leg of a computer desk (swear the thing jumped out in my path!) and the next day awoke to my foot bruised purple and green. The toe was broken, of course… my boss told me to get bigger shoes and come to work anyway :expressionless: