Oversized Cotton 550GSM Bath Sheets- 4PC

Oversized Cotton 550GSM Bath Sheets- 4PC

Got these a few weeks ago when they came up. Can’t speak to longevity but they are nice and big and plush. Mrs. Gryhnd is quite happy with them.

It goes without saying, but give 'em a wash before use. These have a strong smell when unbagged.

But what makes them a bath “sheet” instead of a bath “towel”? Just because they are oversized towels? I would consider them undersized for sheets :slight_smile:

It’s a different species of towel. See below:

Name Dimensions
Bath Sheet 35-40” wide x 65-70” long
Bath Towel 27-32” wide x 52-58” long
Hand Towel 16-18” wide x 28-30” long
Finger Towel 11” x 18”
Wash Cloth 13” x 13”
Tub Mat 27” x 52”

Yep. I had the same question a while back, and my wife informed me that large towels are indeed called “bath sheets.” So, I extrapolated from that we should call small sheets (like for a crib) “bed towels”, but apparently from the look I got, the naming convention only goes one way :wink:


I ordered this the last time for two sets but only got 4 towels. So I don’t think this is really a 4PC.

Sorry you were shorted. This is a 4pk. Make sure you get with Woot CS about the error.

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These WERE listed last time as a 4pk, but were only 2pk. I got my refund for the difference, but it makes me very apprehensive that these again will be only a 2pk despite being listed as a 4pk. The actual mfg part number is almost the same, but does indicate 4pk vs 2pk…I found out after research.

this is a 4 pack

We just confirmed with our vendor that these are 4 packs

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