PawMate Plush Ortho Pet Beds

My dog wouldn’t stay on a bed (other than ours), either, until I bought him one of these.

So, why dies it take longer to ship some items than others? Woot always used to ship within 24 hours (excepting weekends, holidays and Woot-offs).

Where is this bed and its component materials made?

Country of Origin: China
Just added to the sale.

Cluttered how? Are you talking about the original Woot that sold 1 product per day (until sold out)?

German shep recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia. She can really struggle, but between the oral meds and a bed just like this, she’s a lot more comfortable. She voluntarily goes to this bed and plops down on it. We wash the outside cover every week. I don’t expect it to last forever. At full price, it’s still a low daily cost if it last for 3-6 months.

While it is true that the cover is made in China, this product is primarily US manufacture. We design, warehouse and assemble this product in the great states of Kentucky and Washington right here in the USA!

Just as important - our PawMate Deluxe Ortho Beds are filled with US-sourced CertiPUR-US foam that is manufactured safely for our pets, people and environment (low VOC emissions and none of those bad things like CFCs, PBDF retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, etc.).

While it’s good to hear the foam is not sourced from China, I’m afraid the cover alone is enough for me to pass on buying this product. I really don’t understand why a company would go through the effort (and presumably extra cost) of using U.S. made component materials, just to wrap them in materials that very well could contain any of those chemicals you proudly proclaim the interior to be free of. I could never allow my pet to sleep on materials manufactured under China’s lack of standards. Not to mention all the other reasons to avoid China-sourced items, such as their being the world’s largest contributor to toxic emissions polluting the environment. Kudos on your step in the right direction, but this product isn’t for me.

My dog rolls around on the ground when I’m working on my truck and she eats poop at times. I don’t think a few chemicals from China are going to make any difference. Now, I bought one anyway and it arrived in a tiny little ‘pillow’ of a package. Once I released it, within 24 hours it was fully expanded and looked normal shaped. My only critique is that the colors are not what are represented. The sidewall fabric is much lighter and the plush is more yellow than cream. Since it has the water resistant base, I’ll be throwing it out on the deck for my 13 year old pup to lay on.