PawMate Plush Ortho Pet Beds

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PawMate Plush Ortho Pet Beds
Price: $19.99 - 29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Oct 28 to Thursday, Oct 29) + transit
Condition: New


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I bought this dog bed a few months back… Not durable. I already need to replace it… I would not recommend it.

 Thank you so much for weighing in.  I have 2 large breed dogs & 2 giant breed. Really wanted these as they had the removable & washable covers.  Was about to pull the trigger when I read your review. Saved me from wasting my $. So nice to hear from folks who have had the product for awhile.

I’ve had a different experience than the Goat.
We have two of these beds for our 80# golden, they’ve held up very well over a year. Thinking of getting another one for up at camp…

Agreed. After just a couple months the shearling fabric is still shedding all over the house and a hole has worn through the top. Very disappointed. The $40 bed from Walmart is much more durable.

This site is so cluttered now. It’s lost what attracted me to woot. =(

I agree 100%.

Hi there. We’d love to hear your feedback. We have a thread just for that. Hop on over.

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Don’t know about these, but the ones made by Serta are excellent with covers that are washable. Have two and three years later they are still in great condition. Got them in Marshalls/Home Goods.

Just spent $70 on sale for a very similar bed from a local big-name store. Time to order from Woot and return the local one.

Bought this last time around. Terrible, terrible bed. Lousy material, ortho is nothing but an egg crate and its beyond thin.

I bought one of these in September on Woot! I have five dogs and all of them loved it. I purchased it for a lake house and so it doesn’t get every day use so I can’t speak to durability. One of our dogs does “dig” EVERY time before he lays down though and dug enough to mat his paws with the “wool” and I couldn’t tell where on the bed he dug because the cover was still fluffy. I’ll probably buy another.

I wish my dog would stay on a bed.

why is woot delivery now 20+ days?

Are these “Tactical” pet beds?

Some items take longer to ship than others. We state the time it will take for the item to ship out on the sale page near the price. Then allow time for transit.

If it will put you over the fence on buying one, yes they are tactical. :tongue:

can’t speak of the thickness but almost all ortho beds under $100 are egg-crate foam

I have had one of these for several months, and our 35 lb, sedate dog loves it. It still looks new, and I don’t know if we have even had to wash it.

YMMV If your dog is hyper or will chew it.

It took him several days to lie on it voluntarily, but after a couple of weeks it became his favorite place in the house to hang out.

My theory is that it smelled too plastic-y initially (for him, I couldn’t smell it at all).