Philips Progressive Scan DVD Player/VCR Combo



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Philips Progressive Scan DVD Player/VCR Combo
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Philips DVD750 DVD VCR Combo


this woot is tempting. Old and tempting but refurbished kinda makes me think of a pawn shop


Great for playing those refurb. VHS tapes/DVD’s you have lying around!


What is a VCR?!?!?!


Meh. I’ve seen better prices at Meijer.


Good deal, but why oh why oh why does it have to be refurbished? Give me the real deal holyfield!


Not a bad price, however is does not record on DVD.

Nite Nite Woot


Who needs it…?


Nah…need a DVD recorder


OK, so we aren’t testing the 14.99 theory.

Tonight we test the “Any DVD/VCR combo needs to result in asking 20 times if you can copy your old VHS tapes to DVD theory”

Truly the greatest question of our time.

And it won’t matter because the DVD on this one doesn’t even record.


Tempting but for not much more I can get similar product BRAND NEW…night all.


froogle best price 50 bucks…


Alas, this is above market value, IMHO. Refurb??


Why the jumping I Want One button so early in the morn?


My 4 year old, who can program just about anything, has both VCR tapes and DVDs. Hmm, I thought about it but may pass on this one. Nice woot but…



Ok, your text verification dealybobs just don’t work at all. I tried for the whole first five minutes and it did not accept a single one.


good deal, sells for 72-80 on other sites


dangut…already got one of these that I picked up from Best Buy for $99


Aww, Man… wish I’d switched to VHS from Beta!