Pinnacle Speakers: Black Diamond Series

Here’s your chance! the best of our best. Pinnacle’s Flagship Black Diamond Series event brings you the best products that we have become famous for and at special WOOT event pricing. Combined making these audiophile products the best bargain you will ever find. These are serious products, now event priced for most budgets. We use the highest caliper parts, crossover components, and each BD series product is meticulously designed. Black Diamond is our moniKor for our Flagship products.

Hello, I am Arin with Pinnacle Speakers. Team Leader consumer division and I am here to assist with any and all questions on our company and these superb products. Many of you know I monitor the Pinnacle forums as a “personal assistant” for Pinnacle products.
Pinnacle is celebrating it’s 38th year and is the longest standing independently owned and operated Speaker company in the USA. Family owned and operated since 1976, 3 brothers who began the company still run and operate it to this day.

So, if you want the best of our best, from a serious and highly acclaimed USA based speaker company, and at a bargain you will never duplicate, now is the time. Our Black Diamond Series will be the last speakers you will ever need to own.




"The Verdict: The Pinnacle Black Diamonds are stellar performers with a winning personality, delivering consistently pleasing sound.”
“Nothing less than fabulous-sounding 5 star performers.” -Sound and Vision Magazine, February 2014

“I have a complete Black Diamond system and love the sound quality!” – Satisfied Customer, Mike Webb

BD 2500: “The 2500s are fantastic if your room has any size to it, high ceilings or odd shapes. beautiful mids. Nice and warm with just the right amount of brightness to my ear.” – WOOT Customer mtb002

BD 500: “The BD500’s, yeah…Beautiful clear high notes, very smooth and natural midrange and vocals. I can honestly say that in 40 years I have never heard a small bookshelf speaker that sounds as good as the BD500. And I have heard hundreds and hundreds of them.” – WOOT Customer lorenzodemedici

“I’m so impressed with the BD500” - WOOT Customer jordandrichardson

BD 300: “I love, love, love my setup” - WOOT Customer bobdo

SubSonic: The products from Pinnacle are everything they claim, and so much more.

I highly recommend the products to anyone looking for crisp clear sound on Videogames, Movies, and Music.

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I did not know about Pinnacle before I saw them on Woot!, but didn’t buy them until the third or fourth time they were offered (I spent a good deal of time learning about sound and whatnot). I wanted to make sure I wasn’t buying speakers out of a white van .

I appreciate the skepticism of my fellow Wooters, I really do. Many times, I’ve been well informed by people here - but I hope you believe me when I say it would be misguided in this case. I don’t know these people at Pinnacle, and they don’t owe me anything. I just really love my sound, and thought I would share that my many experiences with Arin, Pinnacle, and Woot!

With that allow me to say that I fricking love my system. love it. daily I’m thankful for having it and it is some of the best money I have spent in years.

Thanks Pinnacle and Woot!


still loving the babyboomer.

Bought a powered soundbar that came with some damage. Sent a note to INFO@pinnacle w/ no response.

Looking for a 2nd babyboomer…

Arin, would it be possible and/or recommended to combine the PS Sub 225 with the S-FIT MON 450 monitors for sale elsewhere on the site? Seems like it would be a great system for a really low price.


That is a good option, I recommend a better option is SFIMON 450 + SUBSONIC subwoofer. That is because the SUBSONIC 6.5" dual woofers will mate even better to the SFITMON 450. Both are good options.


Please try writing to me @

Baby Boomers will be back,hang in there.



Part of me says I don’t need more speakers. Part of me says 2 dozen speakers is enough. Another part of me says screw it, I need those BD500s.

Haha, a stereo speaker addiction! Haven’t seen one of those for decades. My condolences to you. But for $200 you are getting an amazingly good set of speakers with the BD500’s. Pair them with one or two high quality powered subwoofers and you will have awesome sound.

Why do I see this on the BD-2500’s specs?

Sensitivity: 94 dB @ 1 Watt / 0.5 Meter (2.83 Volts Pink Noise)

Sensitivity isn’t measured at 0.5 Meter, it’s measured @ 1 Watt / 1 Meter so there’s a standard of comparison. What’s the 1 meter figure?

1 meter is about 91 db

I bought the BD 700 during the last Woot. While I have a small room Pinnacle set (I think it is 3 SFIT 350’s, 2 SFIT 150’s, and a 6" sub) and am satisfied with it, I have never purchased Pinnacle’s more upscale speakers–I just didn’t know what to expect.

I really like the BD 700.

I have an awkwardly shaped family room with a cathedral ceiling. My home theater system includes 2 ADS 1090’s from back in the day as the left and right speakers, and 2 Cambridge Soundworks bipolar surround speakers circa 1990. These are driven by a Denon AVR 4310CI from about 6 years ago. I have been trying for years to find a center speaker to compliment the ADS’s. The best I could find was one of my wife’s ADS B7’s, but she refuses to let me break up the pair :-). I have tried horn-loaded centers (BIC), small, multiple driver centers (Cambridge Soundworks), and a variety of hodgepodge speakers that pass through the house. All had problems. Either they didn’t match the base output of the ADS’s, or the sensitivity was different so that changing the volume changed the balance of the sound. My wife and children didn’t care, but it always bothered me that the center channel wasn’t up to par. Even the auto setup program in the Denon couldn’t get any of the speakers to work well. (except the ADS B7).

The BD 700 is a 3 way like the ADS’s, and has a silk dome tweeter like the ADS’s. I decided to take a chance that it would come close to matching the ADS’s.

The speaker arrived, I unpacked it and put it in place. I then ran the Denon auto setup program and listened to some concert videos. The first one was a disappointment (Roy Orbison, Black and White). I wound up preferring the original stereo to the surround mix. However, after that things got a lot better. Jeff Beck, Rock and Roll Party was incredible. The sound seemed to be coming at me continuously from across the front of the room. I could not tell where the left and right channels left off and the center channel took over. It felt like I was truly in the room with the band, no matter what the volume. Unbelievable.

Blu ray movies sound great, too. Dialogue is understandable but not too forward (The movie Lincoln is a great test for discerning dialogue in crowd scenes). Action movies (Tranformers, Top Gun) were much more enjoyable than with the BIC. And, various dramas were very good.

In short, I was leery of spending this much money on a speaker I had never heard. Now, I love it. If you are matching other Pinnacle speakers, this should be fine. If you are matching older speakers with similar components (silk tweeters, multiple woofers, etc.), this should be good, too. I am very happy with my purchase.

And, no, I do not work for Pinnacle :wink:

Well I for one hope the SubSonic makes it back to Woot soon. I was ready to pull the trigger and then it sold out. I’ll gladly spend some money with you guys. :slight_smile:

Absolutely they will be back in stock. We will be pleased to put you on our wait list. Please give me your email and send to


My pair of BD-750 just arrived. Had to pull out one of my old amps since I ran out of channels on my 7.1 Yamaha system. These speakers are amazing out of the box… not even broken in. I have searched through my collection of music in order to really test the dynamics, detail, accuracy. The level of each is enthralling. I can hardly wait for these to break in!!! I was a little cautious about buying speakers, even at this discount, without getting to audition them. One of the perils of Woot and the internet in general. I think the BD-2500 are on the list to replace my Klipsch Reference RF-82 II.