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This is a question for Arin, whenever she’s around. I have the BD 300, and I want to mount it under the fireplace mantle. do you guys sell a bracket or is there one you recommend? Thanks in advance!

Hi and thanks for the question. Just got back in town from a personal matter. And I never know when WOOT pops a event. Model BD 300 has in the rear a screw. If you remove that screw it exposes a 1/4"/20 threaded T-nut. That threaded T-Nut is there to allow you to wall mount with several after market brackets. Many after market wall brackets have a ball and shaft style and the shafts have threads that work with the 1/4"/20 T-Nut. Omnimount is a very good and popular brand. Typically their weight ratings we find to be exceedingly conservative. So, you can look at hie options.

Thanks for the question, I apologize for the tardy response.


Hello WOOT community. I am Arin with Pinnacle Speakers, TEAM LEADER consumer division. Pinnacle is a family owned and operated USA based company, established in 1976. That’s 38 years and running counting toward 4 decades. We are the oldest independently owned and operated USA based speaker company with the longest running management team in the industry. We are famous in the Speaker and consumer electronics industry and known specifically for superior performance, innovative engineering and old fashioned, personal service. We have products ranging from “BUDGET AUDIOPHILE” to TRUE AUDIOPHILE up to $8,000. We offer these exclusive and honestly ridiculous “no brainer” deals to WOOT as an exclusive buy it now, snooze or lose opportunity.

I will be here monitoring the forum to assist in answering any and all questions regarding our products. I have been with Pinnacle for 10 years and I will proudly tell you,we make terrific products. I am quite knowledgeable about our products and speakers in general, but if something is technically beyond me, I have access to one of our audio engineers for the highly technical questions. There is no such thing as a “DUMB” question. These are complicated decisions. So, if you have a question, please ask. Chances are your question will also help many other Woot forum people.

I am a specialist in Pinnacle, although I cannot speak for other company products, I can try to assist in building a system with our products and some existing items you may already own.

Thanks for your participation in this forum


A littel about the SOUNDBARS in this event:

POWERONE HT 200: Our top of the line best in class SOUNDBAR with built in powered subwoofer. All in one approach, this sleek flat top design sits under your Big screen so no additional space is needed. It uses our own Patented Bass port design for superior bass. This is a single cabinet, music and TV sound system. It is remarkably good! Learning remote and cables included for easy and fast hook-up in less than 5 minutes.

QP9W PWRBR: This is our best SOUNDBAR, but does not have a subwoofer. Still, it has significant bass down into the low 50Hz range. So no sub is required, yet it does have a subwoofer out so you can add a separate powered subwoofer. This SOUNDBAR + PSSUB 225 would make an outstanding and very good match for a larger room. The volume output on PSSUB 225 is significant for larger spaces or with cathedral ceiling. learning remote control and all cable included.

FRONTROWSYSTEM 8210: This is a SOINDBAR + Wirelsss powered subwoofer. The wireless powered subwoofer allows you to place the sub wherever you prefer in the room and it mates to the SOUNDBAR wirelessly. It has an excellent review in November 2013 DIGITAL TRENDS MAGAZINE where they say the wireless subwoofer is the best they have heard in this genr of product. The secret is our double woofer configuration, creating twice the woofer surface area than 1 woofer and doubling the bass output. They also said this system is a super bargain if you can ever find it for $300. Here you can buy it for $199.99, a complete and absolute steel. Remote control and all cable included.


PS, Pinnacle invented the SPEAKERBAR category in 2003.

Just wanted to chime in and say I’ve finished re-branding my theater room with nearly all Pinnacle products, and truly couldn’t be more pleased with the sound.

My setup is a 14x10 room TWR 1050’s for main, BD300 center and a subsonic dual 6" woofer. The rear are still my old main speakers, but since I’ve mostly been listening to music I just haven’t found the urge to replace them yet. All of it is running through a Denon AVR300 I picked up from Woot as well (though it’s now slightly cheaper on Amazon, and a STEAL at under $300!!). Apparently there were some issues with the AVR300 supporting the audio compression Netflix used, but the latest drivers (I think released in January?) fixed them. When I connected my AVR to the internet the drivers were waiting for me, and Netflix audio was flawless.

I would argue the TWR 1050’s are the best $300 money can buy on main channel speakers for the dual purpose I was after; crisp and clear music but still thundering loud explosions in the action scenes of movies. Then when it comes to the BD300, there is a dramatic notice in clarity and carrying-power of voices compared to my old center. The BD300 seems to be a perfect match for a pair of TWR 1050’s, especially in those frustrating movies where they talk so quiet you have to turn it up, then get deafened by the following car explosion.

Anyways, thank you Arin, Pinnacle and Woot for the amazing customer support, speakers and price!

Arin, do you have any firsthand experience with the Omnimount 10.0 used with the S-FIT MON 450s? I’d be using the long “L” shaped attachment to hang them from the ceiling. I’m worried because the reviews on those are all over the place on Amazon, and I don’t want to put a lot of holes in the ceiling trying to find mounts that holds them well.

Hi Arin,

Great to have you here for advise.

Here is my situation, I have a set of BD500’s, (love them) serving as a stereo set and would like to build out towards 5.1 HT and replace/move my FRONT ROW SYS 8210. I’m trying to decide between getting a BD300 center and the PS225 to have a 3.1 system with the BD500’s as main channels or should I get a pair of S-Fit TWR 1050’s for the mains and have a 4.0 with the BD500’s as surrounds. Looking to spend less than $400 today.

I guess my question comes down to; Would the TWR 1050 be a good match to the BD500’s in surround? And is the PS 255 a good fit to the BD line or should I wait for one of the larger subs and pause with BD 300/500 3.0 for now.


I’m currently using one of my three 3-Element LCRs as a center speaker.

What kind of benefit should I expect if upgrading the center to the BD 300? I’m running a 5.1 in a relatively small room.



My pleasure and thank you too!

It somewhat depends on what you have as front speakers. But, in a general sense you can expect the following:

Deeper bass
Louder Bass
more detailed and accurate higher end frequencies
Better accuracy for voice in movies or watching TV
More dynamic when watching sports, sneakers squeeking on a basketball court, crack of baseball bat in baseball game, hard hits in football etc.

BD 300 is in our Flagship Black Diamond series, it is better all the way around. Plus, stunning piano lacquer finish too.



Thanks for the compliments. It is best if I know your room dimensions but let’s assume my answer now is based on a room of 250 square’ or more.

SFITTWR 1050 as front would indeed provide more detail and depth of sound than the already spectacular BD 500. It has it’s own dedicated very high quality midrange and the bass is handled with several woofers. Then I would suggest BABY BOOMER as subwoofer when that comes around again. And my suggestion to that Subwoofer is with either BD 500 or SFITTWR 1050. If your room is smaller than 250 square ’ you can consider our SUBSONIC subwoofer. Now if your room is very large, say over 400 square’ or cathedral ceilings, then get PSSUB 225 to help fil the large space.

As to Center,BD 300 is the best choice in either cae.

Rear BD 500 with SFITTWR 1050 is excellent.


ROOM SMALER THAN 250 square ':

BD 500 Front (keep what you have)
BD 300 Center
Wait for BABY BOOMER or SUBSONIC subwoofer

ROOM size 250 square’- 400 square’:

Sfittwr 1050 Front
BD 300 Center

ROOM OVER 400 square’

BD 300 Center.

I hope this guides you well,but unless the room is very small I do recommend you upgrade to SFITTWR1050 in front and move BD 500 to tear. Select subwoofer per room size recommendations above, with a tilt toward BABY BOOMER unless room is very large.



Maybe I’m blind, but I’m not seeing a screw in the back of the BD300. I see the 4 screws that hold the post plate in, but there’s no other screws back there. can you link me to a picture of what it’s supposed to look like?

Thanks again Arin,

From your guidance I moved on a set of TWR-1050’s and the BD300 to extend my existing BD500’s. I’ll save the sub(s) for another day. Slightly more than I wanted to spend but sounds like a good path forward. This gets me 5.0 which I had not considered but I feel it is well worth it. I’m so impressed with the BD500 and your help that the money is easily justified.

FYI, My room is currently 300 sqft with standard 8’ ceilings. I’m renovating and going to move into a larger room, (450sqft) with vaulted ceilings by the fall. I should have plenty of sound for the current room and be able to fill in the bigger room once I’m there with a sub or two.

Excited to hear what this sounds like!

My front speakers are 2 other 3-element LCRs. BD 300 still a good pairing?

MY BAD, I thought it had that feature, but I am wrong.

BD 500 has it. So, I still suggest you look at OMNIMOUNT as they have many many types of mounts.

Also, you can consider mounting your TV and many TV mounts have a section for Center Channel.

I apologize for the incorrect initial info. Very sorry.


YES, perfect decision!

We will send you a heads up when BABY BOOMER is available again

Since they are both Pinnacle speakers, the timbre will be matched and intergration should be very smooth. It would definately be a good pairing. Although depending on your room size and how you like the sound you may be tempted to upgrade your fronts to the BD500.

Thanks for the input Silentchaos, we agree.


Hey, congratulations on your purchases. I have the TWR 1050s and the BD 500s also. You have a great plan for your audio setup. I would just say that you really will need a good subwoofer, or maybe two, to get the full range of sound in a room that size, with those speakers. They’re awesome products, but they don’t have the low end punch that you need for some kinds of music and certainly not for movies. Definitely you should get one or two Pinnacle subwoofers to go with your 5.0 set. I am using two PS 225 subwoofers to make a 5.2 system. It’s fantastic, once you get the levels balanced properly and all the speakers positioned correctly. Speaker position and matching the output levels of all 7 speakers makes a huge difference. I think some of the dual driver Pinnacle subwoofers are good too, but I would want to put one of those in the center near the wall behind the front speakers. Bass is more directional than people think, and you want it to sound right with all of that quality equipment. Again, congrats on making some great choices!