Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12 Video Editing Software for PC Woot Info Post - we’ll take it from here.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12 Video Editing Software for PC [New] - $29.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 12 Video Editing Software with 5.95’ x 5.58’ Green Screen

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Software? In MY Wootoff??

I got a Brace of Calicoes!!!

Way to go on that baggie of crap! You guys suck!

Pretty terrible review ratings on Amazon

Oooo neat! This might be a fun thing to insert into those american idol box shells for christmas gifts…

Who buys software anymore?

No bag of crap for me =( if i dont get a monkey ill be a very sad panda for not getting the police lights before

Hopefully they don’t have many of these… Think we are getting Amazon non selling leftovers. :frowning:

Friend got one and hated it. No go

Is this the woot off killer? I was hoping that monkeys would appear between now and midnight.

Why do I feel like woot is offering all bags of crap… but without the bags? :-/

Isn’t there later versions of this software out? Anyone recommend any better windows based video editing software? How is this for user friendliness?

This is my first wootoff ever and no Beer Of Compromise for me.

Anyone know where I can buy some wine cheap so I can get drown my sorrows…


Paid $50 for this around Christmas time…

Amazon reviews

I can’t wait for the refurb Kindles talk to start.

They’ve sold at least ten of these and the bar hasn’t even moved. :frowning:

I too lost out on the BOC - happened to be on a bus, missed it by 10 minutes. Pets fat cat in lap while turning high-backed chair to window Next time, Woot… next time