Pioneer Andrew Jones Center Channel Speaker

Pioneer Andrew Jones Center Channel Speaker

I just received and installed my Andrew Jones Pioneer Center speaker. It is replacing an entry level Polk Center Speaker. By comparison, the two are remarkably similar build-wise and size-wise. The sound of the Andrew Jones, after being properly mated to my Onkyo receiver, is remarkably similar to that of the Polk. The Polk has one rear port and the Pioneer has two. The Polk, on sale, was about $40 more than the Andrew Jones Pioneer. Quality, size and sound compare favorably between the two. If price point is a deciding factor, the Andrew Jones Pioneer Center Speaker is a legitimate, viable alternative.


Sound United, the parent company of Denon, Polk Audio and other brands acquired Onkyo and Pioneer in 2019.

Bought one, and it’s awesome.

I have the whole Andrew Jones set, and it knocks my socks off.

I have been using Andrew Jones speakers on my 5.1 in my den. I bought them after some good reviews in Stereophile, which normally reviews much higher end equipment. It’s not like my living room system, by any means but, bang-for-the-buck, is very impressive.

No, that acquisition, announced in May 2019, fell through in Sept 2019. Onkyo is largely defunct. As in, nearly everything on their commercial web site ( is “out-of-stock” and BestBuy doesn’t have any new Onkyo units.

Sad, they were a fantastic brand in the 1970s; their AccuBias tape decks were amazing, nearly at the Nakamichi Dragon level but more compatible. (Meaning, a cassette recorded on a Dragon often sounded terrible on a non-Dragon due to the Azimuth sensitivity.) And the quality-to-value was good; I have a CR-N575 at my computer desk that is pretty good. But the world moved on to earbuds.

Pioneer web site also had almost everything out of stock several weeks ago.