Pioneer PL-30-K Audiophile Stereo Turntable

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Pioneer PL-30-K Audiophile Stereo Turntable
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8/19/2017 - $169.99

Price drop alert!

“Audiophile”? Puh-lease. Having said that, it is probably worth the sale price. Certainly not close to worth the full retail price.

What would you recommend in similar price range?

I agree definitely NOT audiophile, although much better than the bluetooth phonographs. The fact it has a line level amp is nice even though it’s ridiculous that you have to spend like $1000 to find a receiver with a phono input. I did see in some reviews though that the speed can be an issue on this turntable that it’s inconsistent. In the 80’s you could buy a decent TT quartz locked, strobe, pitch adjustment, decent cartridge and tonearm for like $140. It’s not bad for the $$, just verify the speed-
unfortunately there is no strobe, they do have phone apps (rpm calculator) or use a strobodisc.

I would actually recommend this in this price range, if you want decent quality and you want fully automatic features. I like the fact that I can press a button to start it and when the album is over it automatically returns the tonearm. The Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct-Drive is a real nice turntable at $300, but it’s all manual. The only thing I would recommend on this purchase is that you verify the platter speed is correct and consistant when you receive it.

Not for quite some time.
There are very decent integrated receivers - both two channel and “home theater” - with phono inputs. Onkyo makes a few.

This is more of an entry level Turntable. CNET review states it has an Audio-Technica 3600L moving-magnet cartridge and recommends an upgrade.

I looked through a lot of these reviews. What I found was that they mixed two Pioneer turntables together in the review section. Almost all of the problems were for the other turntable.

Yes they did, but there were other reviews specifically for the PL-30-K on the web from different sites:
I recommend this at this price (see my previous post), but I’m just saying when you get it- be aware and test the speed.

This is a fantastic turntable for the price. So much better than any Crosley or Ion garbage you usually see (and should never, ever buy). To do any better than this, you’d usually have to spend at least $300.

I am liking those U-Turn Audio.

The best place to get a good turntable is garage sales and flea markets. The best one come from the heyday of vinyl. Early 70s-mid 80s. You definitely want a strobe and direct drive plus the ability to install hiqh quality needle carts.

there is a service alert from Pioneer on this model. Mine has been in the shop for warranty work for the last month. the service alert is exactly what people have been complaining about who gave it 1 star on amazon… speed fluctuation…
the bad news is, there’s a bad batch of motors shipped with these things… the good news is I am getting a new motor!
this does sound amazing paired with my ortothon blue cart