Place Cat Here

Cats everywhere are going to approve of this shirt. :slight_smile:

Enough with the cats.



Pff I see ZERO cats on this shirt.

There hasn’t been a cat shirt in weeks, but it has felt like years

I love that this shirt is black because cat hair will show on it like whoa.

Black cat + black shirts = you don’t notice the hair, right? At least that’s what another catshirtswoot suggests.

I’ve had multiple black cats. It still shows. It all shows. Black clothing is not my friend. Cats are, though, so I’ve just made cat hair a part of my “look.” You know, the Crazy Cat Lady look.

Ah, okay. No cat(s) here … except my neighbor’s cat who made himself comfy on my front steps before.

The description really sold me on this one. Go Preds!