Plasma Beam Lighter w/ USB Charging Cable- 2 Pack

AWESOME 21st century lighters and at an amazing price too. Very classy looking lighter and each one comes in a nice box. Makes a wonderful gift and since you get two (they now have a 4 pk also) you can keep one and give the other to someone as a gift.

This lighter is very sweet! Works as designed. Just one problem and kinda a big one. The button is on the side and works with the lighter open or closed. So if you keep this in your pocket and have keys or other things in there. On occasion you will find your thigh very hot as the button managed to find itself clicked and the lighter just runs for who knows how long. I have concerns that if I were to leave it in a bag, drop it in my trunk or something and the button were to click, I’m afraid it could start a fire. So just be aware of the button. Aside from that it is a great lighter.

Out of curiosity, has Woot! always peddled tobacco paraphernalia? Cool technology.

Has anyone used this for lighting a cigar?

Does the two pack come with 2 separately packaged lighters, each with its own charger? I.E. can I give as gifts to two different people?


Tobacco… who said anything about tobacco??


How long would this hold a charge, if it was used by a non-smoker? If you pulled it out of the drawer once a month to light a candle, would it be dead when you needed it?

Nice lighters. But are too small for cigars.

According to the vendor: “No, it would hold a charge for many months on a full battery.”

Nope, does not. I ordered for that purpose and it doesn’t work. :frowning:

The arc has to touch the cigar to get any heat so the closest you’ll get is angling an edge of the cigar into the arc and rotating the stick around. Easier and more effective to keep using your torch.

I have bought a lighter like this. Except it was called an arc lighter. No button though. Same as a regular torch lighter. I would think it would take awhile to light a cigar (unless its a skinny colt size cigar. It also does hold a charge for a good month. At least mine does. But again, not the same lighter but same concept as this one. Im a lighter it’s a nice novelty to my collection. As for actually carrying around for everyday use, not the light for me. Can really only light a cigarette and it “hums/whines” while lit. Does anyone know if this specific lighter makes that noise while ignited as well???

This is awesome! I want one and I don’t even smoke!

It is a good thing these came as a pair of lighters. One of them stopped working after about 2 weeks. It apparently just will not take a charge.

I got in on the “deal” and bought four of them. Two work. One lasted for part of an afternoon, the other about 20 minutes. Less than 15 “lights” total for both. Yes, I charged them with the enclosed USB cord on my computer. All I want is a replacement of the two that failed. I’m scared to even take the other two out of their boxes. I’m afraid they’ll work for a few hours like the other two and crap out.
Would I buy these again? Absolutely not.

I didn’t see this asked yet, but what will happen if I were to attempt to light the tip of my finger on fire? Will I be shocked or just have a burning sensation?

It will feel like a tazer shock, and if the plasma establishes, you’ll get an electrical burn. I wouldn’t recommend it.

It wont work the gap is to small to light the cigar. I bought this for that reason and ended up giving it away to a buddy who smokes cigarettes.

Couple of things…

I had two of these (yes, “had.” More on this in a second) and with only a minor issue, loved them.

First, it works great and the charge does indeed last a long time. Maybe a month on a full charge. Even when it does finally go out, charges fast; usually in 30m or so.

The bad part is the “embossed” design rubs off, especially if you put it in the same pocket as keys or change. I used a credit card to rub the rest off and it looked better imho.

Why I don’t have it any more. I travel a lot and got tired of losing torch lighters to TSA. Since this contained no fuel and produced no flame, it went through most TSA checkpoints. But every so often, an officer doesn’t understand what it does and classifies it as a cattle prod. Really. One was confiscated in PHL, and my second one was just taken in ATL.

tl;dr It’s an awesome lighter, just leave it at home.