Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese - 3 Lb. Wheel



Wow, that’s a lot of cheese!

Mmmm…Point Reyes Blue is yummy, yummy stuff!


bluecheese is just so bitter for me =(


I like cheese, but not this much cheese!


Point reyes does have a nice bird sanctuary there. But what was the “confidential” portion of the labrat package one of them talked about . . .or maybe that was all a very well done ruse.


Cheese it is! Missed first wooter but got my cheese so I’m glad.
I read about this cheese a while back… but never found a place I could buy it. Now 3 lbs are headin’ my way. Cheese.woot here we come!

Last wooter to woot: pmarin
My fame was short-lived:
Last wooter to woot: Cheesewootaholic.
C’mon, you must have picked that name ahead of time just preparing for tonight, right?


If there really is going to be a cheese.woot – I will be so happy.

Anyone know the basics of storing a cheese wheel? Could I buy this as a Christmas gift and keep it in the fridge?


-3 lbs of cheese? I’m not going to pay Woot! to put my Blue Cheese in the red!


If I didn’t already have a few spare wheels of this great cheese in my cheese cellar, I’d snap some up. Alas!


I’m sure this is some yummy cheese, but not what I’m looking for at wine.woot. At least I won’t be spending any more money this week.


Although I’m sure many wine.wooters will appreciate this…I have never been a blue cheese fan. Now send me catalet, comte or a good brie!


The labcheeserats had me sold. Looking forward to more pairings in the future! Thanks to the brilliant minds behind this.


24.99 for 1 lb. The wooters have done it again!


Time to start a new Identity

How long can you store/age this cheese before it turns Blue? :wink:



indeed. Planning on it for my Thanksgiving pre-dinner, with wine feast. Ate this at the source a few years ago. Very impressive. Unfortunately, despite the fact that it is a good buy, I resent…a teeny bit…staying up for it. I was hoping for something…rarer or well, winier.


What is the advantage of simply purchasing this bleu cheese instead of building a rocket in one’s basement and flying to the moon with one’s faithful dog, Grommit in order to the harvest cheese from the source?


Point Reyes has the 5lb wheel for $76…


Well based on their own prices on a 5lb wheel at:


Its about $15/lb plus ship, so we’re saving prob $15 here.

DOH you beat me to it!


There you go… I’m a first time labrat tasting wine.woot’s first cheese offering. Here is a reminder from my earlier tasting notes. The Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company Original Blue is amazing on its own, so creamy and well-balanced. But for a real treat, have it with the Kent Rasmussen ’02 Petite Sirah. What a combo! I added some bread and sliced black angus roast beef and was in heaven! Go for it! This cheese will not disappoint the blue lover in you.
Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company
Like they say on the commercial …
“Great cheese comes from happy cows.”


WD, why blue cheese?