Polara Ultimate Straight Golf Balls

This was a cent cheaper than the woot plus… but a little more than half off of Amazons price…

Just a warning…I bought these balls for the heck of it when they were on sport woot. I saw a couple of posts regarding diminishing the distance on a drive.

I’m pretty consistent in the 260-280 range and when i hit this ball it DIED on impact. I hit the ball well and it made it maybe 20 yards in the air and probably knocked close to 50 yards off my drives.

If you’re a serious golfer I wouldn’t suggest these golf balls.

edit: oh, it did go straight though

I am a terrible golfer, and rarely golf. Maybe once in a season. I haven’t even used a driver in about five years because when I do, it will slice/hook at least a full fairway…literally!

I was a skeptic when I teed up (with the driver), but these things went straight as an arrow! I don’t care if people think it’s cheating or whatever. I tell the people I’m golfing with I’m using them, and they all sigh with relief.

Everyone golfing at the same time as me is safer for me using these balls!!!

how do they know if the balls are straight or gay?

It depends on how shallow the dimple are.

do you have to line up the arrow for fairway shots too? or only on the tee?