Polaroid 6” Digital Picture Frame with FM Clock Radio

That was fast…

Welcome, Spring! Welcome Woot-Off! Woo-Hoo!

No, not now. Please not now!!!

Whoopie!!! Let The Woot Off begin. Bring on the Boggy Old Critter.

here we go…

never got a b-a-g --of-- c-r-a-p, never hope to get one…have you seen the youtube vids of people opening their boxes? PURE JUNK and WASTE OF MONEY!!!

…noooo… I need sleep…

well well well.

Another opportunity to butter a BOC

Yay! Hoping for a bluetooth mouse in this one.

please someone… what is a wootoff??. is it this crazzzy every night?

A WootOff is a mystical gift from the gods! Those on Mt. Woot bless us with their insane pricings and make us beg for the B-a-g-o-f-c-r-a-p

wtf happened… it changed on me by the time i logged on !!!

kinda what I figured… what’s bagofcrap?