Portable OTG Remote Control Adapter

Portable OTG Remote Control Adapter

It says here that these will work for ios, but in the past I bought a USB C version and the app said that it was not compatible with it. That there is a ios specific USB C version of this adapter. So I wanted to know if this is the ios version or the android version. Thanks!

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Good question! Iā€™d like to know the same thing!

I did notice though, that there is a Lightning version for the iPhone hete on Woot! that, like this one, also claims to be for Android as well iPhone. But the idea that the lightning version would work with Android seems ridiculous to me. Especially because the lightning connector was made specifically to segregate Android phones from iPhones.

Does anybody know what App would work (on an Android) with this?

TIA, James K.

Per the vendor:

The APP IS Called the OCRUSTAR APP and this is the Android Type-C Version