POST MONGERING: 12/28-12/31 (Part 1)

My friend has that happen to her. It’s funny how for some people they grow shut and not others.

i used to be the biggest earring whore. I have SO many, and I loved them all.

then…covid. They get caught on my masks, afraid of losing them, never leave the house so why bother?

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That is what I meant about suffering through the pain of putting them in. I think it might now have been a couple years since I have worn earrings.

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I used to make beaded earrings for a living. Through craft fairs, online and I sold wholesale to dress stores.


I kept fidgeting without them. As long as I’m careful and wear gaiter style masks it’s been ok.


Truly random, picked through the Excel random number function. Only twice did it pick someone who had been picked before, and it had to run again. SCIENCE!

You people will be getting something awful in the next week, based on these post numbers:

62: @Wooter772326458
1291: @slinkydogg
2642: @Williamdavi
3801: @sloride
4960: @dafrogman
5475: @tnet490
6764: @dlvery
7876: @Froodyfrog
8244: @woothootin
9369: @mbspell
10414: @Wooter310456179
11962: @nspede
12637: @pepper114
13335: @ashleyheart
14526: @Wooter986760089
15661: @coderunner02
16429: @jniemeier

Next steps:

  1. DM me directly with your current address please.
  2. Prepare to receive a box. Some will be small, some will be not as small.
  3. LMK if you have dietary restrictions (nah, just kidding IDGAF)
  4. When you get your stuff, come back here and post about it.

OK THANKS FOR POSTING AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! That was a lot more than I thought. I guess next time the goal is 20K?


@Williamdavi are you wearing earrings?

Really? Well, that’s your bad.

Oh, and thanks!

Thank you @davejlives and Taco!

Yahoo. Thanks. Lots of fun.


My leftmost shoulder blade is itchy.

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Had my left ear pierced in 1989 (or so) and at some-point in the last 30 odd years it closed up.

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Congrats to all. And by all I mean all excluding @Williamdavi.



Gosh I hope there’s some crusty lotion being sent to Will.


Yeah I felt terrible when I saw that name pop up


That is the proper reaction. :+1:


cough cough


Just imagine how people feel when he calls or texts them.


why not these?


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