POST MONGERING: 12/28-12/31 (Part 2)

Continuing the discussion from POST MONGERING: 12/28-12/31 (Part 1) - #20025 by mtn3pitt.

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Bet they didn’t know this was a feature and that it was turned on.


The post permalinks matched up with what the thread showed.

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I go with the count shown on my phone.

They still matched up.

Mine didn’t.

Mine did.

Well it’s good to know that 20k is the absolute limit to a thread.

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Now if only PMs were the same way.

I create new threads almost every other week…

Stop PMsing?

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Do we need motivation here or is this just a lawless pit?

I’m angry there was no explosion.

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Why not both?

We could make our own cookbook.

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GME is back to $349 now.


(It was briefly at $371…)