:w_boc: Post your JANUARY 2022 CRAPS!!

Saturday’s pointless push boc was well after the app sold out

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There was a Pointless Push B0C on Saturday? Okay, I didn’t get the memo.




Ah. THERE’S the memo.



I have not even opened my mid-November BOC yet.

If there is Tuno in it, it won’t go bad, well worse than it already is, will it?


So, I won the Just for Fun! Dice Game on 01/01/2022 with this sweet roll courtesy of WootyBot

@ThunderThighs blessed me with a BoC for my 1 in 23,328 roll. I was rewarded with a 15lb BoC delivered by UPS. Here’s what I got:

Just kidding! I really got the following:

Itemized List

► 1x Microphone arm stand on a flexible boom scissor @ $29.99
     great except husband just bought one not too long ago for his studio

► 1x medium navy Arthur Beale Men’s Full Zip Hoodie Sweater w/ Chest Pocket @ $22.99
     too small for both of us* :sob:; dad called dibs if it fits next time he visits

► 1x Love Bomb bath bombs @ $25.96
     I hate these

► 1x Sink cleaner brush @ $16.50

► 1x pack of baby hangers @ $11.99
     ngl, this came in a sealed black bag and we were a little concerned until we opened it

► 1 pair of dishwashing gloves with scrubby palms @ $11.99
     very useful

► 1x Magic Mesh @ $14.99
     now we can replace the one covered in corgi fur with a new one that will soon be covered in corgi fur

► 2x 2-packs of Sengled E12 smart LED candle bulbs @ $25.99/ea
     useless since we don’t have a hub

► 1x Anker PowerWave Stand @ $19.49
     will definitely use this

► 1x iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Folio @ $63.65
     doesn’t fit husband’s work IPad; going to see if it will fit any of the iPad at my job; otherwise, see if any coworkers need/want it

► 1x AceSori Wireless Charging Power Bank @ $39.99
     hell yeah

► 1x Carabiner Stretch Cord @ $32.11
     useful I guess

► 1x Geojug thermos @ $10.99
     for keeping my :fire: drinks hot and :ice_cube: drinks cold

► 1x Rocketbook Fusion, midnight blue, Executive size @ $35.00
     was curious about this, now I don’t have to pay for it bwahaha

► 1x 4th Gen Echo Dot, twilight blue @ $34.99
     to add to my collection? Why not?

► 1x medium Under Armour men’s leggings @ $24.52
     too small for husband; dad called dibs if it fits next time he visits

► 1x #wootafterdark glowstick @ :w_coin: :w_coin: :w_coin: :w_coin: :w_coin: :w_coin: :w_coin:

► 1x blue “I’m never shopping at woot! Again!” tote @ :w_bananas: :w_banana: :w_bananas: :w_banana: :w_bananas: :w_banana:
     yeah, no one’s ever going to believe that

That’s a wrap! I’d like to thank WootyBot for the anxiety and @ThunderThighs for the disappointment :w_boc: :w_happy2:. Izzy and Penny got biscuits for participating. Everyone keep rolling the :game_die: and you may get a disappointing :w_boc: yourself! :green_heart: Go Greens! :green_heart:


YES MA’AM! Very nice!


You got some great stuff and excellent slideshow video. I’m still amazed that you won.


Me too. And aw…I love corgis.


So am I!

@therealjrn that’s why I put a disclaimer on every picture with a corgi (including the fake ones) so people don’t expect @ThunderThighs to send corgis in BoCs. Could you imagine?


I can imagine it and now I need it to happen. Just as long as they remember to put air holes in the boxes.


I’ve got one of those…never used it. Thought I’d use it during our annual fest for people going in and out, but then seemed more trouble than it is worth.
If you want another I could send it.


WOW!! Congrats on winning the 20,000+ to 1 dice game!!


I mean, I don’t really need it but if you really don’t want it… :wink:


that is some fancy crap.

best thing in the photos was those fantastic dogs!! :hugs:


I’m a couple of days late posting my Christmas Eve Bag of Coal, due to us being in the middle of a house move. But here it is in all its glory:

  • Bag of bubble wrap. We might actually be able to use this during our move!
  • A First Flush Plus Downpipe used for (as the box says) rain harvesting. Looks like it diverts certain water away from your collector. I don’t have a rain harvesting system. And though this is valued around 50 dollars and up, I donated it to Goodwill because I won’t have time to try and sell it.
  • Crappy Coaster. My collection keeps growing!
  • Blue Abe Lincoln bag. I already have this one, and I’m holding out for the tan question mark bag. But I’m always happy to have that Woot! bag.
  • New in wrap 13" laptop bag. I gave it to my wife, who can use it for her work laptop.
  • Small size women’s thermal shirt and small size pink tights (the thermal is a little buried under the pink tights). These won’t fit anyone in our house, so off to donation it went.
  • Box of decorative labels. They’re really cute! Gave them to my wife.
  • Electric nose hair trimmers. I already have one, but I held on to this as a backup for now.
  • Foot cushions. Gave to wife. This is the second time I’ve received some kind of footcare product in a BOC.
  • 2x metal model sets. One is a tractor, and the other is a ferris wheel. I love models so this will be a fun rainy day project for me!
  • Usb-C to 3.5mm headphone adapter. I can never have enough of these!

All in all, a very woot-y and random BOC. My wife made out like a bandit on this one, but I’m happy with the couple of things I kept for myself.

I just checked, and this was my sixth BOC in the past year! I didn’t realize how much random stuff I had amassed until I went to take a lot of it to the Goodwill this weekend! Still won’t stop my from trying to pick up a BOC next time either.


Hate all bath bombs or just those in particular? I love bath bombs. I like to take nice warm baths in the winter.

cute puppers!!!


All bath bombs and fragrance things because of allergies to stuff.


:smile: gotta bathe them arms