Poultry Shears

Poultry Shears

Wooters, please pass on this offer. From the look of the handles, the full tang cannot possibly extend into the handles. The plastic handles will break if you try cutting anything that requires significant force. You should be able to get a good pair of pull apart kitchen shears from Wustof or Henckels for close to the same price.

the tang goes all the way back to the finger holes

All the way up to the beginning of the finger holes or or all the way to the back of the finger holes?

back to and including the nut cracker, if that’s what that is

While I have never owned or used these Ronco poultry shears, they look remarkably similar to a pair of Everyday Essential poultry shears I bought on clearance at Acme for ~ $5 and to a pair that came with a set of Ginsu knives that were rated a best buy by Consumer Reports. On one set, the plastic on the handles cracked in the middle of the inside of one finger hole. On the other set, the plastic cracked up near the nutcracker at the end of the tang.

What about Wegmens??? Which I still haven’t even Googled but apparently they sell haunted cookware. Or bags.

Guess you had a bad deal.
Not really so sure about any of these “Ronco” products. Ronco, as a company, hasnt existed since 2018, which is when they completely liquidated.

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