PowerBlock 50 lb Adjustable Dumbbell Set

PowerBlock 50 lb Adjustable Dumbbell Set

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Are these the kind that are expandable? Or are these the non-expandable kind ?

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These appear to be non expandible. Non elite model. I don’t work for woot but I like to help strangers!!


These are the non-expandable version.

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:wave: How’s the quality? Thanks. Be well. Be safe.

Is this 1 set of dumbbells for 1 hand or 2 sets of dumbbells for 2 hands?

You get both, 2 hands

I have had a set that I have been using almost daily for 15+ years. They are pretty bombproof

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Bought these on the last deal. Love them, just keep mind you might have to spend another $100 or so on a stand for them.

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I would not have caught that. An extra bill for the stand. Ouch. Thanks for the heads up!

While still a good deal, the list price for this particular set is only $349 and not the $499.99 indicated.

You can get away without it just fine. You just have to make sure they’re on an even surface when you change the weight, such as the floor. But it’s convenient and sturdy. The $100 stand is pretty well-built and it’s solid like a tank. For me, it was worth it, especially for the heavier weights.

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This is a killer deal when you factor in that you’re not paying anything for shipping. If you were to buy a similar set from the power block website it would be about $370 and then it’d be about $90 in shipping. That puts it around $460 instead of $280 for practically the same weights.

So if you factor in the standard shipping rate from the actual PowerBlock website you’re really only paying $100 a dumbbell plus that $80 for shipping.

I bought a pair of these on the last sale and I love them more than my PowerBlock Elite 5-90 dumbbells that I paid almost $900 for at the beginning of the pandemic.


Can you please tell why you love this better than elite model?

Agreed. Thx!

Does anyone know if the 2.5lb chrome adder can be used with this model?

That’s the chrome cylinder insert right? There’s no spots for inserts on these weights. Each Handle itself is 10lbs and each weight plate adds 5 pounds. They go from 10-50 in 5lb increments

Will this be 2 dumbbells with 5-50lb each dumbbell? Sorry for being a dumbbell asking this question.

Yes, this deal is for 2 dumbbells. For each dumbbell they are 10-50 in 5lb increments (not 5-50)

Thanks very much!