PowerBlock Elite EXP Dumbbell Set

PowerBlock Elite EXP Dumbbell Set

There is no such product called the Powerblock Elite EXP. It’s either the “Elite” or the “Sport EXP”, the latter of which is pictured on the sale page. So which is it, Woot?

I agree with mstrickler26, I was unable to find anything about a Elite EXP; only PowerBlock EXP, Sport EXP, and Pro EXP on their site. Is this a new model? Elite seems to be out of stock on their site so maybe that is the case? I’m interested in buying the base 5-50 now and a 50-70 expansion in the future, but don’t want to commit to something that I might not be able to find the matching expansion for in the future.

Hello. If you purchase the Elite EXP Stage 1 Set today and later want to expand, the new PowerBlock EXP expansion kits that you can find from other retailers will definitely work for future expansion and match perfectly.

So, you have to buy basically all $470 worth in order to get to 90# dumbbells? How unwieldy are these things when fully stacked - has anyone used them?

Also can anyone speak to the reliability / robustness of them? Dumbbells are not usually handled delicately since you can’t re-rack them like a bar, I’d be worried they’d fall apart after a few drops from bench height.

They added a buyer’s note: The item we are selling was an initial run from PowerBlock, but then was later renamed the PowerBlock EXP. The item itself has the same features as the PowerBlock EXP, however the product will be as shown (PowerBlock Elite EXP).

That is to say, these are the same as the PowerBlock EXP.

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The benefit of Powerblock is you don’t have to have a rack full of dumbbells from 5 to 50, 70, or 90 lbs. for example. Powerblocks are extremely durable, and in my opinion, the best adjustable dumbbells on the market. I’ve had my original set for almost 20 years, and own several different models now. If you’re in to dropping them from bench height, then no, Powerblocks aren’t for you. You’d void the warranty and risk breaking the corner welds. Ironmasters would be your best bet for dropping.

Interesting. That explains it! These would appear to be a newer version of the Sport EXP then. Thanks!

Rubber coated dumbbells are about $0.90-$1.10/lb. Pricing by weight, these are far less expensive. Reliability of locking mechanism and ergonomics would be my only concerns, especially with heavier weight.

I have the Powerblock classics. I worried about locking and ergonomics too before finding out they’re simple and reliable. The locking mechanism is like stick a selector into a machine. The feel of the weights is fine and even though you are reaching into the rectangular shape, you still have enough room to vary wrist positions without contacting the sides.