PowerBlock KettleBlock 20

PowerBlock KettleBlock 20

I have the PowerBlock dumbells which I love. I liked them so much I purchased the KettleBlocks and that was a mistake. I also have the PowerBlockettleBlocks which I don’t. I really would not recommend these at all.

There are two reasons I would not purchase these KettleBlocks:

  1. The balance is off for swings because of the way the weight is distributed so it just feels very awkward especially at lower weights,

  2. Because the KettleBlock is not round like a regular kettlebell it makes movements like Turkish Get Ups and snatches uncomfortable.

Sadly in this case I would get a set of regular kettlebells and use them instead. If you are just starting out get a couple of bells and start from there. There are many exercises you can do with just one bell.

Sorry PowerBlock, I really wanted to love these but I just can’t.