Powermax Mega 24,000 mAh Powerpack

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Powermax Mega 24,000 mAh Powerpack
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Wow. 24,000 mAhr? Really?

My biggest Lithium Ion 18 volt drill/sawzall/blower/etc battery pack is rated at 4,000 mAhr and it weighs well over a pound (closer to 2). This item is listed at 1.1 pound. Unless there is a miracle of physical chemistry here, something is off.

Must throw the flag here…

Or send me one for testing?

But isn’t this 5V? Yours is 18V. So multiply the capacity (and weight) by 5/18.

I agree. Even at 5v 24,000mah is a lot. A great deal if it true. The regular price is close to what one might expext. I’ll try one.

Cannot find reviews for this product anywhere.

According to Woot, this product has a 1 year warranty.
I tried googling for “Powermax PM90552” in an attempt to find the manufacturer for more info, but only links to the woot page were returned.
I found a product page on Amazon by Powermax stating that their website is http://powermaxusa.com/ but this page is blank. This is concerning to me

5 volts instead of 18v and, I believe they actually calculate the packs capacity using the 3.7v of the lithium cells before it is upconverted to the needed 5 volts so, the real capacity is somewhere around 17,000 mAh @ 5v. Still, sounds like a good deal to me!

I’m a fan of externals, and I own a fair number of them. Some things to keep in mind with this one (which I don’t own, but I’ve got similar ones):

(1) It will take forever and a day to fully charge. Take how long your smartphone takes to charge from empty and multiply that by a dozen or so. A long, long time. So, if you plan on taking this with you, don’t forget to check the charge long before you leave. Related: if you try charging this with a 1A/5W charger, it’ll take twice as long as with a 2A charger, so… choose the charger wisely.

(2) If this works for a week or so when you get it, it’ll probably work for a really long time. They tend to crap out quickly or take forever to fail. I’d not even consider the warranty, though, as a lot of these vendors are gone/renamed before warranties expire.

(3) Note that, although this has two ports, one is 1A and one is 2.1A, so the 1A will take larger to charge something… but, 1A ports tend to charge more efficiently, so, if you have the time, and your device will charge at 1A, go with the 1A port.

(4) This doesn’t have pass-through charging, which means you can’t charge it while it is charging something else. If you plan on taking this camping, no worries because you’ll have no outlets to charge it with, but if you’re travelling with it, I’d recommend a pass-through charger, but those cost more.

All in all, for the price, this is a decent but not great deal. Personally, I prefer pass-through chargers or, at least, chargers with more ports (or, if not pass-through and if not more ports, then smaller and more portable ones). But, if you’ll only be charging 1-2 devices and have time to charge this up first, go for it.

Edit: after a brief stint on Amazon, it seems like the Kmashi MP828 20000mAh is a much better deal - $10 less, nearly the same capacity, the same ports, and it includes a 5A charger to speed charging (but you can also charge via micro USB, like all the other externals).

Powermax is another “licensed” product company, which means you will find the same unit with a half-dozen names. I did see their batteries in a store, but when I went back to get another set, they had already switched to another battery with another name on it.

There are fewer and fewer real brands with a consistent product line.

Sometimes you can find these items (with other names) on a variety of direct wholesale from China sites. You may get more specs.

Of course, after I bought it, I also went searching for any reviews, comments, anything that could tell me more about how this powerbank actually performs. There literally is nothing online that even says this power bank exists outside of Woot, which makes me nervous. I have a few 10,000mAh ones, and one 20,000mAh, and yea they take a while to charge, but not if your using a 2A or higher wall plug, and if you use a high speed micro USB cable as well. My 20,000mAh power bank charges to full in a few hours. Hopefully this one is actually 24,000mAh, as it will be the biggest capacity i can find anywhere online (besides a few 30,000+mAh ones on Amazon for over $100)

I don’t think it will matter. Note that in the specs, it says that the input capacity is only 1A. This will only charge at 1A capacity no matter what charger you use. And yes, it will take forever to fully charge.

I bought a couple of their 5600 mah chargers last year from Woot. They have been great. Kids keep getting them so I’m ordering this larger capacity one, just for me. I charge the other two overnight, so I’m sure this one will completely charge overnight too. The 24,000 will allow me a lot more charges before recharging the charger. Always looking for more convenience. Have definitely enjoyed not searching for a charging station or electrical outlet when at the airport traveling. This should be good for my iPad too. Great price too. I am confident it will meet my expectations & needs!

try http://www.powermaxusa.com/, they must not have set their DNS up correctly.

I bought powermax brand batteries and Powerpack at Amazon.com, they have another brand called ACDelco which it says licensing from GM company.

I went to powermaxusa.com website, and found below news related to Powerpack:
Powermax USA are very happy to announce that has won the contract from HP Inc. for its Power pack 2600mAh and 7600mAh. HP is global company and we are very excited to work with them to develop more new lithium products.

I bought an external power bank on a whim (not this, and smaller capacity. I do find that they take longer to charge, but when you plug them in to charge your phone, they do it way faster than the wall charger that came with the phone (HTC) or the Eveready I bought as a spare.

This is way more than I need, but I have found many conveniences in the one I have and use it more than I though I would.

Alright, I found out what this thing really is. If you look closely, the Powermax “logo” on the back of the powerbank is a sticker. If you peel off that sticker, the company name “Interstep” is engraved underneath. This is the english version website for Interstep


According to their website, they do make this exact power bank, but only in 20800mAh, not 24000. The 24000 has a completely different design.

Did I just get ripped off? Somebody who bought this as well please tell me you have a voltage/current reader that you can plug into this and let me know what the actual capacity of this power bank is?