PowerStroke Subaru 21" Self Propelled Mower

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PowerStroke Subaru 21" Self Propelled Mower
Price: $304.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I bought this exact model at Costco and then later returned it because one of the rear wheels wouldn’t roll while turning left. Maybe you’ll get the one I used for a few months!

My main complaint with these is that the speed is slow and not variable and the blade doesn’t have a clutch release so you can’t leave the motor running to empty the bag with the blade stopped. You have to shut it completely down and then restart after bagging.

Bought a similar mover a few years back. Complete JUNK! Do not be caught up in the NAME. Although it has a SUBARU engine the rest of the mover is JUNK! Pay a few dollars more and get a REAL HONDA or TORO you will not regret it.

Bless you!

Does it come with winter tires?

Perhaps you have to buy it separately. Who wants to mow their yard during winter? :slight_smile:

Subaru?? and it doesn’t have AWD??

Any idea what the 12V battery and maintainer is for? Doesn’t appear to be electric start to me.

Was thinking the same thing. No AWD, no roof rack, no rack of brontosaurs ribs strapped to the top of the engine? Maybe a commercial that depicts a cupcake generation couple heading to the Pocono Mountains to mow the grass would be more convincing? What the heck woot, this can’t be a REAL Subaru.

Do they have ringland failiure like the WRX engines XD

Features page mentions electric start . . .

I have never heard of Subaru mowers and that is a huge reason to stay away from them. I love my Troy-Bilt rear wheel drive and I can get parts like air filters from Amazon and Lowes. More widely stocked mowers are easier to find parts and repair service for.

Home Depot and purchase a Honda Self Propelled. If you buy this Subaru you will surely regret it. Just like when the dentist reveals yur teeth are good but yur gums gotta go. The Engine is OK, the other parts will fail quickly.

:slight_smile: to the subie comments, that’s the only reason I’d want it.

Maybe the motor would be good for a go-kart or powered parachute??


Correct. It has an electric start that uses the battery. However, there’s also a pull start in case the battery is dead.

21 Inch Self Propelled PowerStroke. Perfect gift for a handyman.

Just wanted to reiterate for those who haven’t noticed that PowerStroke is the manufacturer of this mower - not Subaru. It merely uses a Subaru branded engine, just as you can buy other brands of mowers with Honda brand engines.

Those who rush to buy this deal might not notice that difference.

It doesn’t mean this is a bad deal… but just worth knowing.

And I’ll add this part too - Subaru is exiting the small engine and engines for power products manufacturing business in 2017 to concentrate on their core products - automobiles. That’s right… they are bailing out of this market and will cease making small gas and diesel engines.


They’ve promised continued support for their previously manufactured engine products… but that can be a vague “pig in a poke” proposition in the end.

Of course, it remains entirely possible that some other manufacturer will step up and buy this line.

This one has a vertical shaft, for those applications you’d want a horizontal shaft.