PowerStroke Subaru 21" Self Propelled Mower

Per the reviews at Home Depot the mower has a great engine but a lot of quality issues. Someone suggested the mower frame is made by another company and the engine is made by Suburu.

The people who did not experience quality issues loved the mower.

Small Batteries are not good, I had a riding mower that had a small battery and it had to be replaced about every two years. It’s setting now because I got tired of buying batteries.
What they should have done is make it electric start like my snow blower, you plug an extension cord into it and push the button. That would be a good electric start. Almost bought but not going to replace a $30-$40 batter every 1-2 years.

I’ve got a Subaru engine on my pressure washer with electric start but it’s really easy to start it with the pull cord, so I generally don’t even use the electric start.
The battery doesn’t charge on its own while running so it always needs to be plugged into a maintenance charger to top it back off.

Can you get it with gold wheels and mud flaps?

Bought it the last time it was on Woot. I like it, works well, but in hindsight I should have gotten a new one for $50 more.

The box was all dinged. There was grass in the box. The keys were missing. The height adjustment rubs on the rear tire. The gas cap was threaded. A washer was missing. Customer Service sent new keys. You can pull start it without the keys, but it’ll take 5 hard pulls.

The walk mechanism doesn’t stop immediately when under load so you have to anticipate if you are cutting close to something.

Altogether these are small things, the mower is strong and should last years. And I do agree that it seems that another company makes the mower with the Subaru engine. The key starts up easily. I only charged it once out of the box and haven’t since.

They really handle winter well. [If you live in Minnesota, you get this joke.]

Pretty nice mower, but beware. No returns on this and mine came with the self propel not functional.

We can’t take returns because you can’t ship things that contain (or have contained) fuel. It has a one year warranty though.

tempting but I’ll pass after reading the reviews.

STI edition FTW

HMMMMM… If it is refurbished, I would imagine that it has contained fuel in the past.

Costco had this for awhile. Quit selling it. It appears this mower has serious issues, charging system fails and a transmission that stops working. Costco has pulled mower off the floors and it is not for sale anymore.