Premier Acoustics PA-4.2 2-Way Speaker – Pair

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Premier Acoustics PA-4.2 2-Way Speaker – Pair
$149.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Premier Acoustics PA-4.2 Black 2-Way Speaker – Pair

Me no understand “2-way”. Anyone care to explain what that means?

2-way means 2 speakers in the enclosure.
Looks like $249 everywhere else. Seems like a good deal if you are in need.

I am an idiot. says 3 speakers right in the description, i don’t know what they mean by 2-way on this…

Does anyone here have experience with this brand or model of speaker?

I looked in CNET and couldn’t find this brand.

I did find JBL, Polk speaker on other sites for approx the same price.

I am looking but wonder if its better to stick with a known brand?

Any advises on the quality if someone has used these?

There aren’t a lot of reviews for this brand of speaker on Amazon, but the ones that are there are good.

A two-way speaker uses two loudspeakers (the round things) to produce sound. Ideally, one of the loudspeakers produce better quality sound at high-frequencies and the other would produce better sound at low frequencies. Two-way speakers are better quality than a speaker that only uses one “full-range” loudspeaker, which produces adequate sound quality at all frequency ranges. Generally, the smaller frequency range a loudspeaker is specified to produce, the better quality the loudspeaker will be at that range; as a consequence, you need more loudspeakers to produce the full range of frequencies a person can hear, which means the speaker is more expensive to produce.

Of course, sound quality also depends on the quality of loudspeakers used, not just quantity. A three-way speaker (three loudspeakers) from a lesser quality brand, let’s say Audiovox, may produce worse sound than a two-way speaker from a higher quality brand, such as Klipsch or JBL.

Two way indicates there is one or more element dedicated to low frequencies (one or more conventional cone speakers) and a separate set of elements (cones, tweeters, piezos, etc) for highs.

Basically the number of different “freq channels” the internal crossover breaks the sound into before sending to a variety of speakers/tweeters/etcs.

LOL, these almost sound like “white van” speakers.

It’s about the frequency distribution across the speakers … in this case… broken up only once into … two.
because 2 speakers (4" midrange) are getting one half of the frequency range, and the other speaker (tweeter) gets the high’s … there is one crossover in this situtation.
The sound is broken up 2 ways.
Some JBL tower speakers have dual 6"'s with a tweeter…the sound is divided 3 ways with a crossover sending low/mid/high to the 6"/6"/tweeter

MDF is fiberboard… nothing special about that … solid wood is special but pricey.

it wont go too low w/ 4"'s the two will help but still even a single 6 would be better… you can only cheat bass so much w/ a small speaker and a ported case, then it will distort.

will make a nice surrond speaker…

This looks suspiciously like Premier Acoustics PA-4.2C which is their Center Channel speaker packed in a pair to be used as a set. I’m not quite sure how/if that would affect sound other than what has already been mentioned above.

Sold seperately for use as a center channel from the following website, they are $129 each, making the woot look very good indeed. Mostly, this speaker seems to sell in a surround sound speaker set package.

Here’s a link to the description of the speaker itself with identical features as the one listed here at woot!

And here is a link to the referring page:

All this to say that Woot has paired up a set of what seem to be decent quality speakers for about half price as sold elsewhere.

Good wooting, woot!

$499 on their website i believe

Hmmm 14 inch’s tall , 4 inch speakers. not that it matters but seems like too much money.

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Premier Acoustics PA-4.2 2-Way Speaker – Pair, for $149.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Premier Acoustics PA-4.2 2-Way Speaker – Pair

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Anyone know if they mean 50 Watts RMS &175W peak, or some new way to describe the power rating of the speakers?
And does “video shielded” mean it won’t mess up my TV if I place them next to it? I know ‘shielded’ speakers don’t mess up the TV, is that now called ‘video shielded’?


At least the power range is pretty along the lines of a normal home theater receiver. I’m waiting until woot sells some JBL K2s ;X

argggg… I want the big Klipsch speakers I missed when I took a Sunday off of wooting.

I was thinking they looked like center channel speakers. I really need a new center channel and I’d be willing to purchase one of these. I really do not have the need or space to buy two of them though. Anyone think they would come in seperate boxes so I could resell one? Or does anyone want to split a set with me? :-p

Can these be commected to my new Toshiba HD TV? Is is now hooked to my cable box by HDMI cable. If I can, what connection do I make?