Pressure Washers: Gas vs. Electric

Black Max BM80721 1,700 PSI 1.2 GPM Gas Power Pressure Washer. This model has the most interesting gas engine I have ever seen. I am in for 3! Must be some new technology!

Umm - the title says “Black Max BM80721 1,700 PSI 1.2 GPM Gas Power Pressure Washer” but the pic CLEARLY show it’s an electric. AND I bought this exact one last offering (yes, it’s electric) and works very well. Cleaned my entire patio and driveway in a day.

Is the FNA 1,500 any good? Would only use it to wash my cars and the vinyl siding on my house. Thanks!

Thanks for the catch, y’all, we’ve changed it to electric.

Disposable Chinese washers.

bah, never use a pressure washer on your car. Especially the plastic bits and headlights, they will strip the protective layers off so easy. when you see really yellowed headlights on modern vehicles it’s probably because they got pressure washed which exposed the plastic allowing it to oxidize.

I have an electric and a gas. The electric is convenient but underpowered. Fine for cars but for driveways and large areas the gas is much faster and has more reach. I wouldn’t use the gas on a car, it will blow the paint right off. I used the gas to strip paint off a wood porch and it easily blasted portions of the wood away as well, much like a sand blaster.

For comparison my electric is much weaker than a typical coin operated self-serve car wash wand, and my gas is more powerful. Focused to a point spray I have no doubt the gas-powered stream could penetrate skin; some caution is advised.

The hassle with the gas powered ones is the maintenance - just like any other seasonal equipment. The gas should be drained from the tank and carb before long periods of storage or it won’t start/run right. I also had to rebuild the pump once as the higher pressure will take its toll on the mechanicals.

The electric ones are virtually maintenance free and rather disposable.

I find I use the electric more due to the convenience. And it is noticeable quieter and less stressful to use (it’s not recommended to run the gas one without water flowing whereas the electric simply shuts down when the trigger is released). But the electric one simply does not have the balls to do what the gas-powered can with the significantly higher pressure and flow.

Whichever you get, keep it from freezing. If there is water remaining in the pump it can freeze and crack the pump housing. You can remove most of the water with the gas one by pulling the starter rope with the ignition off.

It’s also a good idea to drain the pressure hose after each use or corrosion can plug the small outlet orifice. Disconnect the hose from the pump, hold the wand up, keep the trigger pulled and fully drain the hose. If it does get plugged you will definitely know; check the orifice at the end of the wand if you notice reduced flow. Clear the orifice with a small wire and backflush or disassemble the wand to remove any debris.

Anyone know if the refurbs are factory refurbished, or some third-party?

I’m guessing it’s not factory, since it only shows a 90-day warranty and the Simpson MSV3100P has a factory one-year consumer warranty with a year on the pump and two years on the Honda engine.

In regards to the Black Max BM80721 1,700 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric Pressure Washer…

It is selling for $129.88 at Sam’s online…Do you have to have a sam’s membership to order it on their website?

Electric cars >> Gas cars!

A number of bad reviews among 6 on
for PW2420R

I guess a Sam’s card costs $45…

Who makes these things? Ryobi’s looks identical to the black max

That is really helpful information. I had no idea that was the case. Thanks.

I need to pressure wash the vinyl siding on my house. Any recommendation here? I was thinking I’d rent as it’s not something I need to do very often. Is gas too powerful for this chore? Electric too weak? Thanks

Wrong. It’s caused by the sun’s UV rays. You’ll more likely see yellow headlights on cars from Orlando versus cars from Seattle. It has nothing to do with pressure washers. You’ll be teaching poor grovberg that your misinformation was worse than no information.

I’ve had many pressure washers. You might as well urinate on whatever you have to wash if you decide on an electric pressure washer. It would have the same pressure! If you buck up and spend the dough on a quality pressure washer with a Honda motor and quality pump. You’ll be very thankful that you did. I spent $350 the first time and then $800 on my next pressure washer. Best money that I ever spent. Remember, it’s not so much the psi but the GPM (gallons per minute). You might as well stick your money in a paper shredder if you buy an electric.

You do realize I didn’t say pressure washing caused it…but pressure washing removes the protective layer, allowing the UV rays to damage the plastic and oxidize it. So yes UV rays are part of the problem.

Go with the gas. You will be able to narrow the spray and reach father. Up close fan the spray out so you don’t blow the siding off. Electric will work but will take much more time and require a tall ladder. Rent if it’s the only job you’re going to use it for.