Princess Bride Rumours

Princess Bride Rumours

It’s Westley not Wesley

Did I miss something? Apparently Westley is. I’m noticing a definite lack of ‘klik-klaks’ on ol’ Westley here. A side-effect of being mostly dead?

Also “Farm Boy”, not just “Boy”.

i like the art style just fine, but i’m not sure what’s going on here. did buttercup turn into a gypsy dancer (wait, is “gypsy” racist now? “vagabondian”?); and what does westley have in his hand? an orange? a tiny crystal ball?



ah - thank you sir. i just assumed the “rumours” were referring to the remake. i still don’t know what he’s holding, but at least there’s a precedent.

The designer “sweetravin” will, QUITE FREQUENTLY take iconic scenes, posters and the like and insert other characters into them… A mash-up if you will. They don’t always land, due to one or the other being a bit obscure, but sometimes the popularity of one will push it through even if the joke is not fully realized by most.

It’s been racist the whole time.


In the original, it’s a mirrored ball with their reflections in it. Probably a ginormous chocolate-coated pill.