ProForm XP Whirlwind 320 Exercise Bike

video showing off product from hsn

I have a Schwinn Airdyne (Same Type of Thing) because Steel is Real… but also because you can get a nice workout with these types of bikes. The only drawback to a wind resistance trainer is the noise. The cool part of the Airdyne is being able to pedal backwards as well as forwards plus if you go backward at the end of the workout the fan cools you off.

The fan is great for any gal prone to yeast infections. Exercising on a bike used to make my crotch so wet that people have anonymously left me boxes of Depends at the gym. And yes, it’s pure sweat – and NOT because I’m excited to see Sven, the new 23 y/o train at my gym. With this blowing between my legs, I’m one happy camper. Oh yeah, it also vibrates nicely as you bike…

Now That’s how you write a Quality Post.


That was the best two posts I’ve ever read you both should get woot awards for your posts ! ; )

Well, thanks for sharing… I think.

Not a fan of the wind resistance. How bout a nice spin bike next time. I’m in the market and you know I love to woot.

Checkout 3:35 into the video for some live TV greatness. How has this video only have 1,411 views?
HSN Blooper Gold!

I researched this item and it breaks easily. Get the Schwinn Airdyne…even the $350 model is much superior.

I find it interesting that there are NO reviews anywhere on this. I wonder what breaks the most on this thing? Tempting, but I need positive reviews first.

type in “whirlwind 280” in your search bar and you get comparable Sears models. It appears to be the same thing. They have lots of reviews.

I do not recommend getting any sporting equipment from Woot. They ship smaller items fine, but I ordered a treadmill from here in December for Christmas and it came damaged like it had been dropped. After taking forever to wait on a e-mail response from customer service Woot said they would replace it, so they picked it up. They send an e-mail a few weeks later saying they don’t have a replacement for it and gave a refund (even though it was listed on their parent company, Amazon, for sale). If they said they didn’t have a replacement, I would have just fixed it. I wanted the treadmill, not the cash. That’s why I bought it.

Unfortunately Christmas was ruined and now the kids no longer believe in Santa. Thanks, Woot.

I only see two prices through my search bar. One is for refurbished and the other is $100 more than this price after shipping and taxes. There are some mixed reviews though. Sounds like it is difficult to assemble and so it might be people not assembling correctly that causes problem.

Best post I’ve ever read on woot! LOL!