Project the Game!

This thing wobbles like hell. I can never project a straight picture without lots of propping and stuff. Would be better off with and ikea table and a stack of books.

On amazon Only $17.99

If one was to purchase a projector to mainly project movies from a roku player or hdmi/svga through a laptop which of these would work the best outside??? Mostly to be used at night or after dark to project on the side of a garage or moderately sized outdoor screen.

hd quality is not super important but im guessing the total number of lumens matters.

also, im going to guess that pyle quality is similar to pyle professional dj stuff which is far from professional grade but better entry level stuff.

Optoma PT100 WVGA DLP PlayTime Projector

Don’t waist your time/money. This projector is great for PITCH BLACK rooms and it’s still dim as he11. It lasted about 2 months then all of a sudden, it couldn’t detect my laptop (or any other external video source for that matter) so it was Dead in the Water.

Optoma HD33
Overall a great picture. Blacks could be blacker, though. Broke twice within 4 months. Warranty only lasts 3. I gave up on it.

I’ve heard that the Vivitek D837 is 3D compatible, but I can’t find any confirmation or details about this. Does anyone know whether I can watch 3D content on this projector and if so what kind of glasses I would need?

For an outside projector, lumens are key! The BenQ 3500 lumen projector is ideal for your basic outdoor movie for two reasons: 1- its bright - so you can get a good image on even projecting a bedsheet before the sun goes completely down, and 2- it has a short throw lens, which means the projector can sit closer to the screen. Since it has an HDMI port, you can use it with a blu-ray player or just a laptop with a VGA cable. Hope that helps!

I purchased the D519 Vivtek 3000 lumens for $219 right before Thanksgiving. We have used it both inside and out on the the Camp Chef OS132 Super Outdoor/Indoor Movie Screen which allows you to project from either side. I got the screen on woot as well ($150). I then purchased a refurb phillips soundbar for $49 on woot. A new Sony bdps5100 Blu Ray and I was all set. We watched Turbo with the neighborhood kids this weekend out in the driveway. It was pretty dark, but still some ambient light. Looked and sounded great. This is a business class projector,with HDMI or connect directly to a laptop with the included cable. I was really happy as I think I spent a little more than $500 for the whole setup. Mostly due to woot having a great deal on the screen and other stuff. FYI, Home depot will mix “screen” paint for a wall if you ask them to.

Just ask for Behr ‘Silverscreen’ paint. It is actually just a color Behr has determined picks up the most pixels/color/whatever…I like it and was easier to paint a screen on my wall and frame it with some sweet mouldings.

I bought the BenQ MP776 ST back in Oct from Woot. It had 2900 hours on the lamp that will only go 3000 hours. Then you get a screen that makes you change the lamp. So what was referb from BenQ on my MP776? Also seems to have a Keystone issue.

From Oct 2:

My BenQ MP776 ST just came today. Looks NEW, seems to work fine. But lamp has 2900 hours. That’s way more then I thought it would. BenQ web site says no more then 1000 hours on factory referb, amazon say new lamp from BenQ on factory referb. This was NOT either one

From Oct 6:

I emailed BenQ about lamp in my FACTORY referb projector. No response at all. Maybe the same person that does referb also takes care of BenQ email? So woot $300 referb (not sure what was referb) plus $125 for a new ebay lamp and your at normal price. The BenQ has a pop up “change lamp” screen at 3000 hours that wont go off without reset

BenQ also rates the lumens high. They list at 3500 lumens, but the lamp is a Philips UPH 280/245 watt. That 280 would be 2800 lumens in most MFG. A Philips UPH 300/250 is 3000 lumens and up

Looks like we need to fix this. Give Will a call directly at 214.299.7894 and he can get this taken care of for you.

Is there anyone else that bought a projector from benq? I was wondering how many hours are on these bulbs. I would hate to buy a projector with only 100 hours left…

Looks like you might do better on lamps by buying multiple projectors:

I bought this D519 Vivtek 3000 lumens projector somewhere near christmas.
I loved it. It display very nicely in pitch black. The display in semi-dark room works too, although not as perfect as the pitch black condition.

I used this to mainly play movies and TV shows. Extremely happy with what i bought.

Now, I want to pick out a protable stand for this projector…anyone has try any of these. I read that some are woblly according to the comments in woot.

Does anyone know if the Vivitek D554 has native SVGA (800x600) or XGA (1024 x 768).

This site (and most places that sell it) list it as SVGA. The vivitek website lists it as XGA.

I bought the 3500 lumen BenQ. Is it normal for refurbed projectors to have scratches/blemishes on the lens? It’s causing blurred spots where the lens is messed up. For example, right now, the “refurbed” above almost looks out of focus. I’m afraid to touch the lens because it says do not touch with hands or object. Any advice?

Edit: Otherwise, the projector is great. Very good brightness and allows you to switch between presentation and cinema mode which is ideal for lights on/off changes.