Proscan Progressive Scan DVD Player

The lack of HDMI pretty severely limits the utility of this little guy. But this will give an older TV a few more years of life.

You’re not going to be impressed with the performance of this device, but you already knew that…

Fifty cents chapter for Amazon prime members at Amazon when Woot shipping is added.

Ah, lets see here, what do do we have here? It’s a DVD player kids. We used to sit around and connect the three colored cables to our TVs to get our video signal. Now you have your bluetooths or bluray or whatever you call it and your HDMIs…why can’t it be like the good old days, why?

I assume you mean cheaper? Links help prove your point but in this case, I don’t see the Proscan PDVD1053B on Amazon. I see the Proscan PDVD1053 (sans B) but you can see it looks different. It’s also out of stock.

Worth less than the cost of shipping.

I thought it would be good for a kid’s room or play room. Most kids programs don’t come in Blu-ray anyway and you’re not going to cry if it breaks.

My old CD player died. Can this be connected to an old stereo receiver to play CD’s or is the encoding different?

Please elaborate. I am currently in need of a DVD player for a pre-HD TV.

I think it’s a bit of “it’s not Blu-ray” snobbery. But that’s just IMO.

Short answer: Yes.

Hm. Time for a video reality check. In my house, which is pretty average for the area:

20% of our videos are VHS, I’d venture a guess that most, if not all have deteriorated to the point they just need to be tossed.

20% are blu-ray. That number is increasing, but not as fast as we used to buy videos since streaming has come along.

60% of our remaining videos are good old fashioned DVD.

Now, the only big-screen we have is in the main entertainment room, the rest throughout the house are 24" or smaller. Even with HDTV, I’m going to have to say you’re not going to see a huge difference in the video quality between a blu-ray and a DVD on those sets.

$18 plus shipping is not a bad deal to get the kids to watch Tangled for the thousandth time in their room.

Damn… If this were a Progressive Scan VCR I would be in for 3!

Just assuming this can only play region 1 right?

I bought my first DVD player for $200 :frowning:

There are codes online for Proscan players to set them to region-free. I would be surprised if this model was not included.

This dvd player will play dvds and cds and all but it is really annoying without the remote.

If you don’t have the remote you cannot skip ahead with a dvd or change the music track on a cd. (the only thing it does is play and stop from the front buttons)

For the price, this is a good deal. It’s a very basic DVD player but will work well with a smaller tv in a bedroom or kids playroom.

If I can make a wishlish request for the Woot buyers: My parents old VCR has died, and they still have a shelf of VHS tapes, with recordings of weddings and graduations. How about selling a cheap VCR/DVD combo player one of these days? I’d be awfully tempted to buy one for them if you did! :slight_smile:

Dear Woot,

A DVD player is something I would barely classify as being “tech”. If it were blu-ray maybe, but this is basically like putting a toaster on techwoot. This should be on sellout

These fill a niche.