PRYMAX Portable Power Station

PRYMAX Portable Power Station

Thank you for not calling this a “generator”.


If it can run a fridge, I wonder if it can power a laser printer.

300 watts seems low for a laser printer and I imagine if it could manage it, it wouldn’t print long

I dont find any mention of a solar panel included with this. Can one be used with this?

The fourth picture shows it can be charged by solar panel, which will take 9-10 hours in full sun.

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How many times can I charge my portable HAM radio with this? If I’m off the grid and moving around, ain’t no way they’ll triangulate my position when I use it without a license!

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To be pedantic it’s just “ham”.

But I would get the extended Baofeng battery and the 12v charger for it for best performance. The extended battery has a direct input on it. Keep in mind it does introduce nose in your broadcast because it’s cheap Chinese electronics.

Seems like it’s a good deal and has comparable but better specs compared to the Jackery 240, which has been a fantastic unit for me.

To be pedantic, it’s just “noise”.


I saw that, but is it included here? I didn’t see any mention of it being included.

No, you always have to buy the panel separately. Not too pricey. If the same company doesn’t make one, Jackery makes a 60 watt panel that should work fine.

The radios you linked have a 7.4V, 1800mAh battery, for a total of 13.32wh of charge. The powers station holds 298wh. This means you should be able to charge one radio 22.37 times with this power station.


According to the references I found, a refrigerator averages 300W, but has a typical peak at 1200W. A laser printer averages 600-800W.

Honestly, I’m not sure this thing would run either of them.

Would it power a cpap machine over night?

That is a surprisingly complicated question. Depends upon

  • Model of CPAP
  • Are you using DC - DC power or an inverter (built into power station or otherwise)
  • Therapy pressure needed
  • Do you use heated tubing
  • Do you use a humidifier
  • How long you sleep each night

Resmed published an entire guide for this.

The item for sale here is a definite maybe for one night. Low pressures, no heated tubing, no humidifier, a DC-DC power supply would probably be a yes. High pressure and all the accessories running on an inverter would definitely be a no.

EDIT: Amazon has reviews for this device, it seems (might be different model). Here’s the reviews that mention CPAP.

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You can buy 300 Wh UPS for about $30 now. Call it power station and put $150 in your pocket.

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You might be able to find a 300W UPS for $30, but it’s not doing 300W for an hour.