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Reviews, entirely welcome. Especially over that trampoline!

I’ve always wanted one of those pull up bars but I am super paranoid its going to mess up the wall. Can anyone offer any insight?

It’s messed up our doorway. Left giant black marks and threw things out of whack.

I’ve got a sturdier, metal one that actually gets drilled into the doorway. That’s the other common style for these. Only problem with it is I can’t go very wide on pullups/chinups because it’s only exactly as wide as the interior of the doorway. Y’know, and not removable.

Haven’t gotten to try out this style yet.


I am not a huge fan of that trampoline - although apparently, it’s the second-best dog bed ever (after Mom’s lap, of course). The springs are very tense and don’t have much give. This is a negative for me, but it might be a positive for others. I’m short and don’t weigh much, and I use an indoor trampoline to get some exercise because I have injuries that want only low-impact activities. Because I weigh so little, I don’t extend the springs very far, so the trampoline surface is more high-impact than low-impact for me. If someone weighed more than 100 pounds, like your average non-7/8th-sized person, I think this might be a great indoor trampoline because the additional resistance would make it safer and more durable. (And this is a great price for it!)

Seriously, my dogs love this thing. One of them likes it so much that I can’t keep her off of it - even when I’m jumping on it!

Can someone confirm whether the pull up bar is made of a single long bar or consists of two parts? I recently bought one from Amazon that had good reviews but it consisted of two parts, even though you would never guess from the picture. The lack of single-piece construction made it so flimsy that it bends under the weight of my 100 lb. wife. I would like to not repeat that mistake.

My boyfriend has one. The ends have little pads so it is cushioned against the wall. Its sturdy and works great!

Too funny! I love dual-purpose exercise equipment: treadmill/coatrack, mini-tramp/dog bed!

BTW, for everyone else, this is currently available on the mother ship for the same $30, but w/ free shipping.

I have one. It left marks on the wall and a small crack in the drywall. I was careful while using it too.

A buddy told me you can prevent those black marks by placing a bit of a towel between where the pull up bar meets the door frame. Hope that helped. I myself have been considering buying one as well.